Saturday, March 31, 2007


Congressman Joey Hizon of Manila's 5th District
smartly decided to drop his mayoralty plan,

and will instead be the running mate of MAYOR ALFREDO LIM.

During this past Wednesday's "Hostage Crisis",
Lim was spot-on when he predicted that the grenades were fakes,

as this was the exact same modus operandi used by Jun Ducat in 1989,
the first time he staged a hostage crisis,
by threatening two priests (!) with fake grenades.

This is the kind of Manila Mayor I want,
a tough old geezer who won't pander to publicity hounds,
or suffer fools gladly.

and now, let's talk about another candidate for Manila Mayor,

he seems to have violated COMELEC campaign rules
on the very first day of the campaign:

since when did my driveway become a freakin' authorized Poster Zone??!?!!?

What The FAKE???!?!!?!?!

Publicity Whore/Pedophiliac Hostage Taker JUN DUCAT
just admitted on GMA-7 News that the grenades
that he had with him were purchased from a "souvenir shop".

FAKE Grenades,

FAKE Hero in the person of Chavit Singson,

FAKE Hostage Crisis?


Friday, March 30, 2007

The Real Reason Why SANJAYA Can't Be Stopped!




Thanks to my bro Joe up in Toronto for this astute deduction!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who Needs BOBBY FLAY When I've Got....

... my Sunday-After-Hearing-Mass BBQ Suki?

He's a CREEP, He's a WEIRDO....

Ladies and Gentlemen,
meet this generation's


SANJAYA is a Train Wreck.

You Know it's horrible,

but ....



OUZO @ The Ledge

Had a most excellent dinner with most excellent friends
over at ShangriLa Plaza's THE LEDGE,

that hot row of cool restaurants and bars
on the 6th level of the mall.

I got a bit tipsy on the OUZO,
that National Drink of Greece,

and it was all good...

until I had to visit the little boys' room,
and found out that it costs P10.00
to do a Forrest Gump and "go pee" in the "lounge" kuno.

Freakin' Corrupt Mall Owners!!!

With the prices at these restaurants,
patrons should,
at the very least,
be given complimentary restroom facilities, right?

This Guy's In Love With You, PARE!!!

‘Pare, mahal kita’
- "Senator" Bong Revilla to Hostage Taker Jun Ducat

at first,

I thought Ramon Revilla had given his Anting-Anting to his "Junior",
making the son immune to Uzi bullets and hand grenades,

and then,

I thought "Senator" Bong would go all Keanu on us,
and drive away with the bus a la SPEED.

in the end,

I heard a nervous, amateurish declaration of True Love,
in the greatest example of Male Bonding
ever heard in the history of Philippine Television.

My Pledge of LOVE...

Nope, NOT Incest,
you with the dirty minds!!!

Vice Governor RICKY RECTO smacks Mayor VILMA SANTOS,
in a show of (too much) UNITY,

after he decided to run for Congressman
and give up his Gubernatorial ambitions
to defer to the (admittedly) greater winnability
of his sister-in-law,

in their (over-dramatic) "Battle between Good & Evil"
versus the incumbent Governor (jueteng lord) of Batangas.

As If You Need More PROOF....

dato arroyo:

camarines sur congressman

mikey arroyo:

pampanga congressman

iggy arroyo:

a.k.a. congressman jose pidal


Vapid LITO LAPID finally filed his certificate of candidacy
for Makati Mayor today.

That Corrupt Comelec Commissioner GARCI
will run for Congressman of Bukidnon.

I used to strongly dislike

that duck by the pasig river,

but now,

with her tacit approval,
if not outright endorsement
of these two certified idiots
for political office,


not since the days of Ferdinand Marcos
has a sitting president
had the hubris and gall
to impudently manipulate politics this way.

Jesus Christ!

And you thought that gaddem hostage taker was bad....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Holy Cow, here comes the BACALAO!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two Very PINOY Print Ads


Broadband Service for the Pinoy!

Mc DO:

Diploma Fries for the Graduate!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Very CHIZ-y Campaign

Just got home from my inaanak Ico's party
to celebrate his graduation from the Ateneo de Manila Grade School;

since his family lives right next to
Candidate Escudero's parents,

I couldn't resist knocking on their door
and asking for some campaign materials
to stick on my car and post on my house.

They gave quite a lot of Chiz Collaterals,
so if anyone out there wants some,
just leave me a message here ",

HIZON's : The Best RAISIN BREAD. Ever!!!

Our family has two Raisin Bread traditions:

the french bread-shaped loaves of the Baguio Country Club,

and these:
the old-fashioned kind available at Hizon's/Za's Cafe in Malate.

By far,
this is my favorite!

These are pillow-like:
as large as your favorite small pillow,
and pillow-soft as well.

You can eat them straight up,
and probably finish half a loaf in doing so,
because this is a fluffy, flaky sweet bread,

the type that you can compress into a ball
and pop into your mouth if you prefer to do so.

Better yet,
try it this way:

cut one-inch thick slices,
pop into a toaster for 3-4 minutes,
or until the edges darken,

then simply slather some full cream butter
on the now-crunchy and croissant like slices.

And don't be surprised if it sort of tastes like....

that's right....


What FOX MULDER Would've Said.....


ROCO sa kotse ko, ROCO sa balota ko!!!

This Lady is a SURVIVOR.

I recall the first time I heard of her
was during the aftermath of the Baguio Earthquake of 1990;

she was attending an NGO seminar in Hotel Nevada
when the hotel came crashing down all around her.

A few days after the quake,
she was pulled out,
shaken but not stirred.

Then her late husband became the best-president-we-never-had,
and after Senator Raul passed on,
I thought that we'd heard the last of Mrs. Roco.

I bumped into her,
of all places,
in Manos' Hellenic Tavern in Tagaytay last December;

we chatted,
and it turns out that one of her favorite doctors
is none other than my best friend, Dr. HonHon Palugod.

Small world indeed!

And now,
this tough lady is running for the Senate.

I'm convinced that she has the intelligence,
the drive, the passion, the conviction for the Upper House.

NOT due to osmosis from the late Sen. Roco,
but purely on her own merits as a Women's Rights Advocate.

Do reserve one of your 12 slots for her.

I have, and I'm proudly proclaiming so on my car windshield!

On KOBE's 4th consecutive 50pt. game


by Henry Abbott

After Bryant scored 60 in a road win over the Memphis Grizzlies,
Lakers Coach Phil Jackson told reporters,

"Kobe went right back at them.
He just smells blood in the water
and he's going to go after you."

I interviewed Jackson many times during his years
as coach of the Chicago Bulls.
The "blood in the water" quote
was the sort of commentary he frequently offered
about the incomparable Michael Jordan.

In Bryant's career with the Lakers,
I can't recall Jackson offering a truly Jordanesque quote about Bryant.
Oh, Jackson has had plenty of nice things to say,
some of them genuine.

But I perceive this quote as different.
Kobe Bryant has finally achieved the status he has sought so long.

He finally has neared the level of respect,
even reverence,
that Jackson accorded Jordan.

It has taken him a long time to earn that status.
Fans still withhold from him the respect they gave to Jordan,
the sense that Jordan was bullet-proof,
that he could do no wrong in their eyes.

Because of the criminal allegations in his past,
because of the perception of his selfishness,
Bryant may never be accorded that level of respect by the fans.

But there's no question this is a new day.

Bryant has arrived at his moment,
able to use his full arsenal truly for the first time.
His four big scoring games in a row all resulted in Lakers wins.

He is the man at last.


By Dave McMenamin

By scoring 60 points in a 121-119 win over Memphis on Thursday,
Kobe Bryant became the first player since Michael Jordan
in April of 1987 to score 50-plus points in three straight games.

At this rate,
Bryant has a chance to become
the greatest scorer the NBA has ever seen.

Let that marinate for a minute.

The G.O.A.T. of the NBA.

Top of the totem pole.

Best of the bunch.

He entered the league having not one measly collegiate point
and could exit with more scoring feats
than any player to ever lace them up.

How did it happen?

How did a player who scored zero points in his NBA debut
and who took 16 games as a pro to reach 80 career points
end up scoring 81 in a single game?

How did a skinny guard out of a suburban Philadelphia high school
that took 90 games to reach the 30-point plateau,
end up scoring 30 points in a single quarter
(just short of George Gervin's record 33)
against the Jazz this season?

From 7.6 points per game as a rookie,
15.4 as a sophomore, 19.9 in his third year,
to a run of eight straight seasons of 22.5 per or more,
Kobe has morphed into the most potent scorer in the league today.

Pile up the evidence -
the three seasons with 30-point averages,
the 17 career 50-point games,
the thousands upon thousands of points.

The title of ultimate scorer
might not ever rest upon one sole individual,
but Kobe Bryant has assured

that his name will be in the conversation.

It's Time for the B-B-Q FAMILY FEUD???

Well, not really.

The folks behind REYES BARBECUE
are descendants of Mama Sita,
Matriarch of the Aristocrat Restaurants.

And this mid-price BBQ chain,
seems to have the blessings of the clan.

This mid-price chain is more affordable,
more FastFood than Sit-Down,

but the grilled items,
the perfection of their java rice,
and the unforgettable peanut-based sauce,

are all definitely of ARISTOCRAT-ic quality!!

Our Lady of the ROTATION

I spotted this Virgin in one of the "Scout" streets
that intersect Tomas Morato.

This photograph taken from a cellphone camera
in a moving car,
doesn't do the image justice;
it looks much much better than Our Lady of EDSA.

I'm really curious to find out more about this
"Revolving Virgin Mary".

Anyone out there know who had this built,
and why it rotates???

"3" : 5/4

Friday, March 23, 2007

The World Record TAPSI!!!

here's the mouthwatering video!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

after "300", here's "700"!!!

Why do I feel HOLY all of a sudden?

I never thought that I'd ever appear in "The 700 Club",
that long-running Christian late-night show,
originally hosted by U.S. Presidential Candidate Pat Robertson.

GMA-7's Qtv now broadcasts the Philippine franchise,
hosted by Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan.

During the interview yesterday,

all about the Philippine Nursing Board Scandal
and its repercussions on the U.S. Demand for Pinoy Nurses,

I talked about the Exam Retake
as a "Cleansing Process",
a bitter, but beneficial pill
to recover our Nurses' sterling reputation.

"I like that!",
said Louise the Correspondent.

I yada-yada-yada-ed on for 20 more minutes,

but thankfully,
my perfect little soundbite was not edited out of
the 5-minute segment

The Best SUNSET Sounds for Summer 2007

I first found out about this CD
almost a year ago,

and immediately desperately bugged my friends stateside
to get me a copy,

but since it was an "Import" from Europe,
and we were all too lazy to order it from,

i forgot all about it....

until a month or two ago,
two of the BitTorrent experts from the QUIAPO DVD yahoogroup,
Kenneth Rodmond and Buddy Love,

started raving about it.

Mr. Love was kind enough to rip me a copy,
and since I received it earlier this evening,

I've been constantly playing the CD.


Imagine some of the best songs from the best music decade ever,
THE 1980s,
re-imagined as Jazzy Lounge Tunes,

perfect with late-night martinis when in the city,

or even better,

paired with sunset cocktails at your favorite beach this summer!!!


1. Should I Stay or Should I Go
2. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
3. Purple Rain
4. Boys Don't Cry
5. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
6. Don't You (Forget About Me)
7. In the Air Tonight
8. Hungry Like the Wolf
9. Like a Virgin
10. Patience
11. With or Without You
12. Nothing Compares 2 U

PHOEBE CATES: still a Total Cutie at 43

I'm sure you still remember this seminal scene from

a quarter of a century has passed
since we all fell in love with Mrs. Kevin Kline,

and Pinoys of all genders have a special connection with her,
as Wickipedia confirms that
YES, Phoebe's maternal grandfather is a Pinoy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nananadya na yata si SANJAYA!!!

This is exactly how I looked like,

as I watched SANJAYA completely


The Kinks' classic YOU REALLY GOT ME,

in what was,
for me,

absolutely the

Most Appaling,
Most Disgusting,
Most Insulting

American Idol Top 12 performance,

I fervently hope and pray
that I never have to see
this underfed bastard son of Chewbacca ever again.

DISTRITO, Destroyed.

After Robert Jaworski,

perhaps no other player in the history of the PBA
played with the intensity and passion
of Rudy "The Destroyer" Distrito,

he of the jackrabbit moves and
total adherence to Jawo's policy of:
"if you're going to foul an opponent,
foul him HARD,
you'll be called for the foul anyway!";

from his early days with the Crispa Redmanizers
to his glorious championships with Ginebra,
and even up to his twilight years with Swift's,

Rudy Distrito elicited intense reactions from the fans---
you either loved him or hated him,
with a passion.

Apparently, the team owners of the league did so too.

Distrito was subjected to a "Gentleman's Agreement",
an off-the-record, very quiet move to have him banned from the PBA,
and his professional license revoked,
after a too-long series of too-hard fouls on opposing players.

He eventually drifted to Jinggoy Estrada's
San Juan Knights in the MBA,
and after that league folded up,

The Destroyer ultimately wound up as a TNT in the US of A.

And true to his intense character,
a few years later,
a Crime of Passion was committed:

in a moment of black rage,
Distrito stabbed and killed a Mexican man,

the new boyfriend of Rudy's former girl.

He received a sentence of 4-12 years in a California penitentiary,

and a lifetime ban from returning to America
after he serves his time in jail.

Distrito will be deported to the Philippines,
a la former Cong. Mark Jimenez,
after his break in prison.

SISIG with Brains; Two New WHITE TEAs; INASAL to rival JT's


A working lunch in my office?

No worries,
the "palengke" on Roces St.
behind my office on Quezon Avenue
has the best carinderia SISIG:

hold the mayo,
but go with the brain matter!!!

Market leader C2 is really getting stiff competition from #2,
Zesto's ONE line-up of green, red, and now,

A refreshing caffeine-loaded treat
for a quick pick-up at 5pm!

after a hectic day,
I get home at 11pm,

and am overjoyed at seeing this for dinner:
EXTREME GARLIC RICE with Chicken Oil drippings!!!

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