Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ako Si MR. SWAHE.... Hoy Hoy Hoy, Hoy Hoy Hoy!!!

The freshest, juiciest, sweetest SHRIMPS
available in Manila...

probably boiled just for a minute
in an elixir of Sprite/7-Up and H20,

these babies go down best with
a bottle of Johnnie Walker BLUE.

Definitely worth the drive to Binondo on a Saturday Night,
the best pulutan,and among most affordable too...

a kilo of succulent shrimps, plus
minced pork with crisp lettuce, plus
exotic fried frog leg drumsticks, plus
salted garlic spare ribs, plus
white chicken with minced ginger,

all that, for only P2,200.00!!!

And did I mention the Free Corkage (!),
the Absurd Discounts from 9pm onwards,
and Super-Friendly Service from the
Best Waiters in Binondo?

No wonder we're smiling!!!

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant
Ground Floor, Peace Hotel
1283 Soler St., Binondo

Tel No. 244-2777

Thursday, September 25, 2008



16-1 total W-L for the season,
4-0 vs. De La Salle in 2008,

and now,

3-1 all-time in UAAP Championship
('88, '02, '08 - '01)
head-to-head match-ups vs. their arch-rivals!

Eagle Eye gets a hug from Dad.

The Defensive Player of the Year. And Finals MVP. Awww shucks!

Salamat, Eric!

Rabeh Al-Hussaini : Most Improved Valuable Player.

And as usual,
The Green Archers once again proved
that they are their own worst enemies...

Maierhofer's Dirty Finger.

"Dyan na nga kayo,
mas masarap naman talaga manood sa dugout eh!"

"Eh marami na nga kaming trophy...
ayaw na namin kunin yan."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There Will Be NO Game 3!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Periwinkle SIOPAO and Mochaccino HOPIA!!!

Way back when,
my brother and I were members of the last batches
that graduated from the De La Salle Taft Grade School,
our younger sister studied across the avenue in St. Scholastica's,

my mom worked in PAL's main office along Roxas Boulevard,
and my dad's Law Firm was located on the lot
where the Pan Pacific Hotel now stands.

Back then,
we spent most of our work & school days in and around Ermita & Malate,
and the way home every evening towards our house in Sta. Cruz
was always via our favorite... the streets of Chinatown!!!

Yesterday, I retraced our route.

Snaps from Saturday in Sino-town:

Eng Bee Tin, where almost everything is UBE,
recently launched these pretty pastel paos;

5% of the dough of the "puto" portion is 100% ube,
hence the reason why it looks like an LA Laker siopao.

Yup, there really is a hint of ube in every bite!!!
Available in Special Asado and Classic Bola2 fillings.

Gateway to Goodies!

The 1st Bridge of Ongpin Street,
leading up to the heart of the Binondo,

source of all things weird and wonderful,
from Snake Blood elixirs to Salazar Bakery's CU CHAY SO,
the best empanada in Chinatown!

That humongous structure that suddenly appeared practically
overnight, between ShangriLa Makati and Landmark?

Meet the very humble beginnings of the ANSON Emporium empire
at the corner of Salazar and Ongpin!

During my La Salle GS days, my dad used to take me here
to buy the newest Aladdin and Thermos lunchboxes from the U.S.

And being the kidder that he was,
he convinced me that Boots Anson-Roa was a saleslady here.

Dad also introduced us to the namesake owner of the nearby
RAMON LEE Panciteria, and yup, they connived and convinced
my brother, my cousins and I that BRUCE was his "shobe"!

If you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms
because of the Floss Bread Crisis at Bread Talk,

you'll find all the shredded pork you'll ever need here,

Crispy or Feathery, Sweet or Spicy, all varieties
available at the supermarket and delicateseens of Ongpin!

It amazes me how my preferences to this day are still influenced
profoundly by those first two gourmets I ever met,
my grandfather, "Daddy Pong" and my father, Atty. Eddie;
both of them always had stocks of Mahu that I would snack on.

Remember the days when there were only two kinds of Hopia?
Baboy or Mongo?

Those days are long gone, what with EBT's innovative takes
on our favorite Chinese Pastry, from Ube to Pastillas to Cheese

and everything in between; now there's a CHOC-NUT flavor,
and an amazing coffee flavor that's as robust as a bold BARAKO:

The entrepreneurs behind EBT aren't just concerned
about ube-infused delicacies.

A few years ago, they gave back to their community,
and to the rest of MetroManila as well,

by donating the snazziest (ube colored!) firetrucks for the fastest-
responding firemen of the city, the Binondo Volunteers!!!

Xie Xie!!!

Me Llamo CHALUPA!!!


unbreakableos tacos,
crusto a la empanada,
crispito y delicioso!!!


deep-fried wheat flatbread, (high fiber!)
molded in the shape of a small boat, (nautical theme like seafood!)
filled with ground beef, chicken, or steak (proteins!)
topped with salsa, lettuce, tomato, (vegetables!)
nacho cheese, and sour cream! (dairy)

this is the perfect food.

And it's only available at:

posto scripto:

The TACO BELL across St. Luke's on E.Rod is now a Hap Chan.
Te amo HC, pero mas te amo mucho TB...

Me cago en la leche!
Now I have to go all the way to Gateway in Cubao
para vamos a comer Chalupas. Tengo Hambre!!!!

¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!


BREAD TALK at the Araneta Center
was eerily empty this morning...

OMG!!! OH NO!!!

What happened to all the FLOSS breads?

According to my confidential source (Warren, in charge of the buffet),
there's been a supply breakdown in Singapore
due to the collapse of the Lehman Brothers Bakery
caused by an over-reliance on high-risk mortgaged floss.

The Floss Supply was saved, however, by the quick
intervention of the Singapore government,
which infused cash to the beleaguered AIG Piggery,
the island nation's biggest supplier of shredded pork.

The FLOSS Breads will be back in two weeks.

Meanwhile, get your shredded toasted pork fix
in Binondo, just ask for its proper name:


Thursday, September 18, 2008


“Dutdutan”: The Philippine Tattoo Expo

Excellent Weekend Ahead!

APO's 40th Anniversary Concert on Saturday,
Game 1 of Ateneo-La Salle on Sunday,

and in between,
The Philippines' Premiere InkFest!!!

And there's more than just tattoos
at Dutdutan this Saturday Night:

7:00 pm: Bikini Show-Off
hopefully, the show-off will look something like this:

10:00 pm: Band Performances
Sino Sikat, Niniskirt, Beatmathics, Crazy Kyle,
Kadangyan, Sandwich, Cosmic Love, Urbandub,
Dice and K9, Sinag, Quezo, Slapshock, Greyhoundz,
Intolerant, Valley of Crome, Oremuz, Kamikazee, Talahib

My NIKE Advertisment!!!


"There Can Only Be One...



choose one:





Jollibee's Cheesy Mushroom Double Patty Burger
Manila Boy's Mushrooming Posts as a Cheesy Plurker.


Contract Signing at the

The company I run, UNIVERSAL WORKER,
will conduct NCLEX and IELTS reviews
for NURSES from all over the country,
at the Training Center of the PHC!!!


What Happened When I GOOGLED Manila Boy...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CHARICE and CELINE DION : Madison Square Garden, 9/15/08

The New York crowd went totally nuts for our Pinay Superstar!

It just keeps getting better and better for Charice!

watch a dream coming true here:

Celine introduces Charice

Charice duets with Celine

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sa Sabado nAPO Sila!!!

Expect a lot of GMA vs. Erap and Ateneo vs. La Salle jokes,
merciless spoofs of the Kapusos and Kapamilyas,
potshots at everyone in Congress and the Senate, and

Four Decades worth of great OPM!!!

Pumapatak ang Ulan, Yakap Sa Dilim, Salawikain, American Junk,
Doo Bidoo, Awit ng Barkada, Princesa, Tuyo Na'ng Damdamin,
Nakapagtataka, Ewan, Blue Jeans, Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba,
Batang-bata Ka Pa, When I Met You, Bakit ang Babae, Love is for Singing,
Syotang Pa-Class, Kaibigan, Di Na Natuto, Panalangin, Pag-Ibig,
Show Me a Smile, at maraming marami pang mga Lumang Tugtugin!!!!

And I may be wrong, but it sure seems like,
if you look closely at the caricatures above,

another long-lasting trio of singer/comedians
just might make an appearance at the concert.

APO and TVJ?
I'm there!!!

MINI MEAT : The Incredible Shrinking Sandwich

Either I've got a really large hand,
or this is really a miniscule burger!

There's a recession in the size of the burgers
and an inflation of the price of these burgers!

Double Patty Aloha Burger
with Bacon and Pineapple

P82.00 @ Jollibee

Sunday, September 14, 2008

ATENEO - LA SALLE Championship 2008 : Galit Galit Muna Tayo!!!

After 6 long years,
the Philippines' own version of the
Boston Celtics - L.A. Lakers rivalry
is back on track!!!

Game On!!!

Ateneo - La Salle
UAAP Championship History:

1988 : ATENEO
> JUN Reyes, uncle of current Blue Eagle JAI,
in what was arguably the league's best Point Guard battle ever,
outplayed Green Archer DINDO Pumaren, now coach of UE.

2001 : LA SALLE
> The Green Archers won their 4th Straight Crown
behind the experience of guards RenRen RITUALO and Mike CORTEZ,
who outwitted Ateneo's frontline, Enrico VILLANUEVA and Rich ALVAREZ.

2002 : ATENEO
> Sweet Revenge, and their 1st Championship in 14 years,
thanks to Blue Eagles WESLEY Gonzales, LA Tenorio, and GEC Chia,
who outlasted BJ Manalo, MACMAC Cardona, and JOSEPH Yeo.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Advertising 101:
How To Arouse Readers
By Using A Sexy Headline

Mad Men strategies aside,
here's the real nerdier headline:


The 29th Manila International Book Fair
opened yesterday at the SMX Convention Center
beside the Mall of Asia, and as expected,
my fellow book geeks came out in full force.

This annual event is the Pinoy Bookworms' counterpart
of the Black Friday Post-Thanksgiving Sale in the US:
The widest selection, the best bargains!!!

All the major publishing houses and bookstores are present,
inluding my college alma mater:

UST Reprezent!!!!

I almost bought this "Box Set",
but I decided not to, because...

let me ask the BEATLES fans:
What's wrong with this picture?

I finally found, after months (years!)
of looking for a book about NINOY AQUINO,

this series of essays by his good friend
and fellow reporter who eventually became
one of the first Cory Crusaders:

Interesting that the other book I got
looked very similar to the one above,

and even more interesting, PAUL NEWMAN's
title & subtitle would fit Ninoy's perfectly too:

Tens of Thousands of Tomes!!!

'Til Tuesday!!!

September 12— 16, 2008
10:00 A.M.— 8:00 P.M.

Halls 1-4, SMX Convention Center
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

How To Make VODKA Fruit Cocktail!!!



are now available in
Shopwise Makati!!!

Perfect for shooters,
ice candy, jello shots,
and yes,
The Ultimate Fruit Cocktails!!!

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