Monday, January 31, 2011

KFC's Secret Recipe, REVEALED??!?!

One of the most well-kept secrets in the food industry,
second only to the formula of Coke,
finally revealed???

Please try it, and tell me if this comes close!!!

Meanwhile, for those who'd prefer The Original,
it seems that a local KFC restaurant
is on to our over-consumption of their "soup"!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

BTV stands for "BASTARD TV"?!?!

BTV is really f*cking with us this year.

Seriously, the L.A.-Boston rematch this Sunday
won't be shown on basic cable or free TV,
even on a delayed telecast?

And BTV, please don't try to justify that the NBA
wants the world to watch "all the teams".

The Lakers-Celtics game will be nationally televised
on the ABC network in the U.S.,

not surprising, since so far,
this is the premiere game of the season:

in Green & White vs. his old Purple & Gold!

Here in the Philippines,
BTV wants us to get excited about
Detroit-New York and Golden State-Utah on that day?


Because they are trying to promote the expensive NBA Premium
channel, the championship rematch will only be shown there.

Pinoy Basketball fans are among the most knowledgeable
in the world, and yet, BTV is trying to make fools of us.

on BTV and Solar's outrageous,
obvious selfishness.

Here are a couple more letters that BTV
should now add to its channel name: FU!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Best PORK CHOP in MetroManila. . . and Baguio!

A robust slab of pork, perfectly grilled,
basted with a unique, unforgettable
Cranberry-Mustard sauce.

find it here:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The BEST PICTURE of 2010...

... is also The FEEL GOOD Movie of the Year,

and it features King George VI, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler,
and a very young Queen Elizabeth (yes, Charles' mum)
in an amazing True Story set in the years
immediately preceding World War II.

Absolutely one of the Best Pictures of 2010,
and with 12 nominations in the major categories,
the film that has the most Oscar nods this year!!!

will give an unforgettably eloquent and absolutely classy
royal acceptance speech when he wins
the OSCAR for Best Actor.

already has a Best Actor Oscar for "Shine" back in 1996,
and is again nominated for Best Supporting Actor;


likewise nominated, proves that she plays Queens perfectly,
be it the Queen Mother, or the one in Alice's Wonderland!

Here it is,
the BEST TRAILER of the year!!!

And if you've already seen the 'screener',
here's that historic original King's Speech:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011



you'll immediately recall one of those childhood bubble gums
when you take your first bite of this bubblicious doughnut!!!


and the resulting green kreme doughnut
just might be better than the movie itself...

Monday, January 24, 2011

FOOD FIGHT: ang kuwento ng mga CRABloggers at ang mga Haka-Haka ng Utak TALANGKA

Yesterday, Sunday morning, Margaux Salcedo
shook the Pinoy Food Blogging community awake
with this piece from the Sunday Inquirer magazine:

since Margaux's article was essentially
a foodie version of a Ricky Lo blind item,

the bloggers, gregarious by nature,
just had to guess who her "Big Bad Blogger" was,

and most assumed that BBB slyly referred to
was the most popular food blogger in the country,
my kumpare, Anton Diaz of OAP, Our Awesome Planet.

What followed on the discussion boards on
Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and on the more popular blogs,
was nothing short of an embarrassment for our blogging community.

So many people, without any evidence, just got on the bandwagon,
and like brainless viruses, infected and inflicted my friend
with all sorts of allegations and even some very
pompous "I told you so" statements.

Anak ng Aligue naman....

Food Blogging is, at best, subjective.

It's all a matter of taste.

And this whole brouhaha now reeks of bad taste:

Margaux's article cast aspersions and doubts
practically on every popular blogger;

her article, ripe with "MAYBE"s and assumptions and hypotheses,
would have better served the Pinoy Blogosphere
if she had just named names.

And so the guessing game continued,
all the while, hurting innocent people by innuendo.

Carlos Celdran, in his inimitable manner, did the right thing,
and asked the blunt question on everyone's mind,

and our Awesome Anton,
often the "usual suspect" in these blind items,
quietly, maturely, simply stated that he's not BBB and moved on.

And unless we have proof, or until Margaux names names,
the curious bloggers
(and readers) should all do the same.

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