Monday, August 29, 2016


I really believe that Rody Duterte can be a good president,
in the same way that Noynoy Aquino was a good president.
I don't see why so many people have to belittle one to make
the other seem better. Why can't they both be great leaders?

Sure, they're absolutely different, and certainly both have their
blind spots, their obvious imperfections, their weaknesses. But
both have their strengths, and both certainly are the Presidents
the country needed, and wanted, at the times they were elected;

change has come, and change will continue, but not because 
of an Aquino or a Duterte. It's all up to us. We're fast becoming
a mature democracy, a country on the rise, and this momentum
can only be sustained by our commitment to personal discipline.

Pitting one President against another is a sign of immaturity and
an inability to move on; a selfish and self-serving refusal to grow
up and leave personal biases behind. It's high time for everyone
to be constructive, and not destructive; be critics but never cynics.


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