Friday, July 23, 2010


Some very kind (if too simple) folks are saying
that on Monday, P-NOY should "move forward"
and talk only about positive things...


It's a SONA, and the State of our Nation
sucks precisely because of GMA's shenanigans.

Let the chips fall where they may,
and I really will pray that a lot fall on the Arroyos,
specially on that SIKYO wannabe. . .


dadalo sa SONA sa darating na linggo
sapagkat kailangan may tumayo sa labas
at magsabi ng "NO I.D., NO ENTRY!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


From the best, most authentic SINGAPOREan restaurant
in the city. ONE DAY ONLY, so mark your calendars now!

Robinsons Galleria: Level 2, East Lane
right next to Krispy Kreme

telephone: 571 8988

Monday, July 12, 2010

U2: 360° At The Rose Bowl!!!


Pag-pasensiyahan niyo na,
minsan lang kasi yan bumili ng hindi DiBiDi!

> Brand New on DVD: only P550!

Available at Fully Booked and your favorite Record Bars!

("record bars"; what the eff. hahaha!)


Filmed on 25th October 2009

U2360° At The Rose Bowl was the penultimate gig
of last year's U2360° tour in support of their
Grammy-nominated album, No Line on The Horizon.

The Rose Bowl performance was the band's biggest show of 2009
and U2's biggest ever US show, with a live audience
in excess of 97,000.

The show was also streamed across seven continents via YouTube.

The first ever live streaming of a full-length stadium concert,
U2360° at the Rose Bowl had over 10 million views
on the channel in one week.

Shot entirely in HD, the concert was filmed with 27 cameras
and directed by Tom Krueger who had previously worked
on U23D, the first live action 3D concert movie.

Monday, July 05, 2010

The New (Food) Pornographers get their Extreme Close-Ups at GINO'S EATS & BEATS

"Eggs Benedict" is my Porn Star name!

At the far end of Jupiter St. in Makati,

the quieter section, past Makati Avenue
and nearing the intersection with EDSA,

is my new favorite source of comfort food:

It's like a younger version of Pancake House,
or a local version of Denny's from the U.S.A.

The Greatest French Toast with Caramelized Bananas and Nutella

A couple of weeks ago,
I assembled an intrepid group
of intense food bloggers, and armed
with their Lumixes and DSLRS, we embarked
on an unforgettable adventure of food discoveries:

Gino's concept is pretty simple:
"FOOD you can't say NO to!"

Either as pica-pica or as a main course,
you'll want to order everything on the menu.

It's as simple as that. And that's exactly what we did.

Remember how much you loved your childhood cheese hotdogs
specially when the melted cheese would squirt out?

This is the extreme adult version:
Grilled Sausage slathered with CHEESE SAUCE!!!

Or how about two of the most popular pulutans,
GAMBAS and CHORIZOS (with lots of garlic!)
on one extravagant platter?

The Not-Just-Any-Salpicao:

ANGUS BELLY Salpicao, the amped-up version of the classic.
The difference being, Angus Belly has lots of "healthy taba",
for an even more delectable, decadent take on the classic.

The Grilled STICKS Platter:

Pinoy-style Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ in Satay Sauce,
Curry Pork BBQ, served with Caramelized Onions!

The WINGS Platter:

Classic Buffalo, Oriental Hoisin, and Honey Mustard!

Cheese and Beef QUESADILLAS:

As good as any you'll find in Zapata's or Mexicali!

Isang Platitong ISAW:

An off-the-menu item, from Gino's private stash.
If he's around, ask him please. He might share!

And for Dessert? Gino's VANILLA Sundae:

Tastes exactly like the best part of a Magnolia
Ice Cream Drumstick, the TOP. 'nuff said!

And Beer, Beautiful San Miguel Pale Pilsen BEER,
to wash all the goodness down, only P55/bottle!!!


G/F Valdelcon Bldg.
20 Jupiter St.
Bel-Air, Makati City

landline: 519-1272

Why NOYNOY Matters

"The entry into the scene of a new president
like Noynoy has produced an electrifying effect
on the nation’s psyche mainly because of
the kind of presence he projects.

In lieu of a smirk,
we are treated to the promise of a smile.

He walks without the swagger of power.
He talks plainly and common-sensically,
rather than in the soaring style
that is falsely equated with gravitas.

He’d rather connect with the man on the street
than with political leaders,
diplomats and the learned folks of academe.

His English is good and rich,
but he seems more comfortable in Filipino.

He is casual rather than pompous,
approachable rather than aloof.

He seems allergic to prepared speeches,
sometimes stumbling on words and phrases
that obviously are not his.

In contrast, he seems relaxed and fluent
when he’s on his own, and, listening to him,

you begin to realize that this is Ninoy Aquino’s son."


My Favorite Capampangan Culinary Heritage
treats, unique to the Culinary Capital
of the Philippines, intrinsic parts
of Pampanga's Golden Age.

Tita Lilian's Heritage Kitchen
Tita Pette's Everybody's Cafe
Tita Mel Galang's Culinary Studio
and Uncle Claude's Bale' Dutung!!!

The Hottest INANG LAYA Ever...

from the mural of the grand dining hall of
Everybody's Cafe' in Pampanga;
painted way back in 1967.


I found three giant mounds of
freshly delivered Field Crickets being
prepped in the Everybody's Cafe' kitchen!

My #1 favorite Capampangan Delicacy ever.

Kermit and Friends transform into
delectable stuffed frogs, a.k.a.


From Lilian Borromeo's Heritage Kitchen
in Mexico, Pampanga:


jewel-bright candied tomatoes (!)
very much like the candied orange peels
found at Dulcinea and La Cibeles. a very rare
(rare because it's hard to find, and healthy!!!)
Pampango dessert served at Lilian Borromeo's!!!


but not just any simple tea-time treat,
this is Pampanga, after all:

Gatas ng Kalabaw
warmed up, with the milk cream
settling gently on the rim of one's cup...

"San Nicolas",
the perfect partner of the Fresh Carabao's Milk,

San Antonio Bourdain
surrounded by antique Capampangan cookie molds,
the oldest, on the upper left, dates back to the 1790s.


"Grilled Corn",
but not really.

Don't trust your eyes; this is a
Brazo de Mercedes-type dessert with
a sweet corn filling, one of the sweet specialties
at the Emelita W. Galang Culinary Arts Studio, Inc.

I led a tour for the cast and crew of a new show ,

Saturdays at 6:30pm on ANC,
hosted by one of the best hosts in Philippine TV History,

pictured here with the Manila Boy
after enjoying an evening of delicious stories at
Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung in Angeles City.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Now Available at your
Suking Supermarket :

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Ripple

and lots and lots of bits and pieces of
Nestlé Crunch!
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