Thursday, January 31, 2008

DIZZY With Delight!!!

I actually saw people walking groggily
out of Greenbelt last night after watching

looking as if they had just finished riding
Enchanted Kingdom's Space Shuttle
three times in a row.

But hey,
if you survived the quick cuts
of the last BOURNE film,
you'll do just fine.

Like The Blair Witch Project,
you'll either love it or hate it,
but it's a new kind of guerilla filmmaking
that must be experienced by any true movie lover.

My thoughts?
This was the scariest monster movie
I've ever seen!

After 80 minutes,
you'll be so blown away by what you've just seen,
OR so dizzy due to motion sickness,

you'll probably feel like you lost your head!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's a gorgeous day in the Philippines,
cool breezes from the Siberian winter wafting in,
but unseasonably bright and sunny,
a true harbinger of an early summer,

and for us Pinoys,
with summer comes the fiesta, and
with the fiesta comes the lechon!!!

It just so happened that my main task today
was to treat my favorite clients at the
De Los Santos-STI College of Nursing,

and my nursing education group at the
Universal Worker Review Center,

to Lechon and Pansit respectively.

1st up,
a visit to La Loma to find the lechon
with the crispiest skin:

After taste tests at PingPing's and Mang Tomas,
this expert decided on another old reliable:

I chanced upon the "Liempo Cut",
always the tastiest part of the pig,
and the skin was crisperfection!

Needless to say,
the Mila's Lechon was greeted with orgasmic squeals
when I arrived at DLS-STI!

Up next,
this nondescript hole-in-the-wall
right across St. Luke's Hospital on E.Rod:

Banang's serves
in our metropolis,

but they are even more famous for this,
a noodle classic called the LECHON BIHON,
oodles of pansit showered with, what else?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Say Hello to the FUTURE YOU!!!

The following is an e-mail from the past,

composed on Wednesday,
January 24, 2007,

and sent via
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - -

Dear FutureMe,

bumming out at 12:41am watching something about Armor
on National Geographic.

stoked about the MTC 10-4!!!

meeting with Faustus regarding Koreans tmrw,
ditto with Rica at DOT for SPELL.

then the Hottie MILF... (censored)

The FOODIE Republic


Monday, January 28, 2008

SIMON was right : it could very well be a HIT RECORD!!!

ALINA is a soulful singer on YouTube,
who sounds as sweet as that other viral vocalist,
Marie Digby,

and her version of the Pinoy Phenom's
sounds like a big hit!

Renaldo Lapuz unplugged

By Bayani San Diego Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer

When did you move to America?
Aug. 6, 2004. My mother petitioned me.

What do you miss most about the Philippines?
'Yung mga best friends ko po doon sa Marikina.
Kumbaga, doon ako lumaki kaya nami-miss ko sila.
Akala ko ang homesickness para sa mga kamag-anak lang.
Pati pala mga kaibigan puwedeng ma-miss.

How old are you now?
I turned 45 last Dec. 18.
Kayo po parang 16 years old lang.

What was your job in the Philippines?
Tricycle driver sa Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.
Thirteen years din 'yon, 1992 to 2003.

Ay, 11 years pala. Mahina ako sa math, e.

What's your job in the US?
Janitor po. Sa clean-up, maintenance.

Kasi nagtrabaho rin ako bilang janitor sa Pasig,
from 1988 to 1989.

Dito sa US, nagtrabaho ako sa Wal-Mart in Reno.
More than one year. Doon ako pinakamatagal.
Sa iba, hindi ako tumagal,
tatlong buwan lang ako sa warehouse.

Pitong buwan sa Greyhound Bus.

How does it feel that you're called the new William Hung?
hanggang ngayon wala pa akong naririnig na official
from AI management, na ako nga ang World Idol.

Nasisiyahan ako sa pagtanggap ng mga tao
pero ayokong magbilang ng mga sisiw
hanggang hindi napipisa ang mga itlog.

Do you know who William Hung is?
Kilala ko. Siya 'yong kumanta ng "She Bang, She Bang."
Yumaman siya.

What are your plans for your career?
Wala pa po akong naririnig na official.
I have to respect my contract with AI.

Pero bukas po nasa Los Angeles ako.
May guesting ako sa TV.
Tinuring akong big time;
nilinya ako kina Brad Pitt at Tom Cruise.

What's your style of music?
Ballads. I like serenading.

Is "We're Brothers Forever" your only composition?
In 1998, I recorded 10 songs in the Philippines,
in a recording studio near V. Luna.
I translated two songs into English.

Who persuaded you to join AI?
My friend Chris Pascual and his cousin Jimboy Pascual.
We're friends but we treat each other like brothers.

How do you feel about all the attention being given to you?
This is just the start of my dream.
My singing career has just started.

Do you get mobbed by fans?
Yes. That's happening now.

[But] the fans are so decent, elite, educated.
Young and old.

Copyright 2008 Philippine Daily Inquirer.
All rights reserved.


Good thing I wasn't wearing Cory Yellow last Thursday.

When Awesome Anton, the two Ivans, and I
saw the Philippine Evita Peron at Greenbelt 5 last week,

we decided that we couldn't let a historic photo-op pass,
so like besotted fanboys, we gathered around the Imeldific,
for a picture that will appear soon in one of our

Sunday, January 27, 2008

BARACK Bounces Back... and how!!!

A ROUT in South Carolina's
Democratic Presidential Primary;

56% for Obama,
27% for Hillary.

I've watched endless reports on FoxNews,
CNN, CNBC, and even C-span,

listened to all the candidates,
Republican and Democrat alike,
from McCain to Giuliani,
and Edwards to Clinton,

but no one in this 2008 race,
has brought out the deepest emotions
in American voters like Barack Obama.

I see it in the background
whenever he gives a speech;

those delirious cheers and absolute devotion
in the eyes of his supporters,

not unlike how my generation in the Philippines
found a reason to believe, a belief in change,
when we started campaigning for Cory Aquino in '85.

Like Cory two decades ago,
Barack is becoming a true icon.

And no less than
Caroline Kennedy,
the daughter of the most iconic Democrat in history
has recognized the Obama phenomenon for what it is:

'Over the years,
I've been deeply moved by the people who've told me
they wished they could feel inspired and hopeful about America
the way people did when my father was president,'

'All my life,
people have told me that my father changed their lives,
that they got involved in public service or politics
because he asked them to.

And the generation he inspired has passed
that spirit on to its children.

I meet young people who were born long after
John F Kennedy was president,
yet who ask me how to live out his ideals,'

"Barack Obama is the is the first candidate
for the White House that can inspire
'the way people tell me that my father inspired them.'

And can Mr. Obama give the most heartfelt,
inspiring speeches, infused with the
most soaring rhetoric Americans have heard
in generations?

Yes, he can.

Here is his victory speech from earlier tonight:

"After four -- after four great contests,
in every corner of this country,
we have the most votes,
the most delegates,

and the most diverse coalition of Americans
that we've seen in a long, long time.

You can see it in the faces here tonight.
There are young and old, rich and poor.
They are black and white, Latino and Asian
and Native American.

And we've got young people all across this country
who have never had a reason to participate until now.

And in nine days, in nine short days,
nearly half the nation will have the chance to join us
in saying that we are tired of business as usual in Washington.

We are hungry for change and we are ready to believe again.

Yes, we can heal this nation.
Yes, we can seize our future.

And as we leave this great state
with a new wind at our backs
and we take this journey across this great country,
a country we love, with the message we carry,

the same message we had when we were up
and when we were down,

that out of many, we are one;
that while we breathe, we will hope.

And where we are met with cynicism
and doubt and fear and those who tell us that we can't,

we will respond with that timeless creed
that sums up the spirit of the American people
in three simple words --

yes, we can.

Yes, we can.
Yes, we can change.

Yes, we can."

Those highlighted passages in YELLOW above?

Our thoughts exactly during the 1986 Snap Elections
and the subsequent EDSA Revolution...

Yes, we could!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Peter Petrelli of "Heroes" vs. "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali

Welcome the
Men's Finals
of the
2008 Australian Open!!!

Novak Djokovic


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
of France

5pm Sunday
on StarSports!


The Most Photogenic Grand Slam Final
in Tennis History

World #2
Ana Ivanovic


Maria Sharapova
World #1


Starts 10am
Saturday Morning
on StarSports!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

U2 3D

Anyone have the e-mail/contact info of SM Management?

U2 3D
must be shown at the
Mall of Asia's IMAX Theater!!!

It's perhaps the closest thing Manila
will have to an actual U2 concert.

Let's start a petition now!!!

Watch the trailer here!!!

Notes From an EW Critic:

"I remember seeing U2 at tiny Irving Plaza in New York in 2000
and being so psychotically happy to be
there I screamed myself hoarse.

Maybe the best thing I can say about this movie
is it reminded me of what pure rock fandom feels like...

it was hard to tell where the cheering from the film stopped
and the live audience began...

...this concert film,
shot during U2's Vertigo tour
at a 100,000-seat stadium in Argentina,
comes at us in images that are very nearly sculptural.

You're sitting in a movie theater,
wearing black-rimmed,
Adam Clayton-esque 3D glasses,
and you feel like the concert is happening in your lap.

Bono, with his soaring message of global love,
commands the crowd like a hunky hippie cult leader
(watch as Argentinians sob their way through "One").

Crane shots plunge into the crowd to surf along
with songs like "Pride (In the Name of Love),"
sending you reeling at the sight of
100,000 Argentinians bouncing in unison.

The 3-D effects don't jut out at you, obnoxiously —
they envelop you, majestically,
and that effect fuses with the band's transporting sound
to create a full-scale sensory high...

the Edge, with his genius guitar playing,
doesn't just create walls of sound —

he creates cathedrals of sound!!!"

The CHILI OUT Project

Homemade extra-spicy CHILI
Jollibee's CHAMP with Cheese
COKE Light


Chili Out Project!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Something to brighten up
the gloom in the Land of Oz
after the shocking passing of
their native son, Heath Ledger

The Australian Open Women's Semi-Finals:




Aren't you glad these two
have already been eliminated?

HEATH LEDGER : Through the Ages

Rest in Peace, Heath.

Thanks for all the fine movie moments,

from your lightheared medieval turn in A Knight's Tale,

to matching Mel Gibson's revolutionary intensity in The Patriot,

for making all of us cringe, and then respect
your repressed 1960s forbidden passions in
Brokeback Mountain,

and for leaving us with quite possibly
the best cinematic portrayal of the modern day
Dark Knight's best villain.

You'll be missed, mate!




1. in a dying state; near death.
2. on the verge of extinction or termination.
3. not progressing or advancing; stagnant.


Talk about a confluence of coincidences;
the title character of the book has a name
that seems to come from the Latin word for Death.

And the book, and play is all about Dying.

And while 90% of the people watching the
excellent staging of Tuesdays With Morrie
by Repertory Philippines last Friday night
were completely absorbed by the drama,

I was falling asleep,
and actually nodded off at least twice.

Had I snored,
I'm sure I would have died of embarassment.

My very own "Snoozedaze With Morrie"!!!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the production;
as a matter of fact, it's at par with, or even better,
than most stagings of the play, based on the reviews
of the international productions that I've read online.

Baby Barredo, one of the last remaining originals of Rep,
has put another feather in her theater cap,
masterfully guiding the world-class performances
of her two-man cast:
Jose Mari Avellana as Morrie,
and Bart Guingona as Mitch Albom.

The problem lies with the source material.

I never read the book,
so I didn't really know what to expect,
except, that millions cried while reading it,
and I fully expected to shed buckets while watching it;

my apologies to all of those who loved the novel,
but if the stage adaptation is any indication,
it was a work of infinite hooey and malarkey.

Again, sorry to all my friends and family
who found life-changing truths in the book,

but based on the dialogues between Morrie and Mitch,
it's one big waterfall of clichés
and oversimplified truisms.

I also thought that The Purpose-Driven Life
should have been subtitled The Dollar-Driven Scam,

and The Secret, The ShitCreek.

I abhor overwrought "stating the obvious" bestsellers
that serve pablum in an ersatz literary package.

Tuesdays for Morrie, for me, is exactly that kind of book.

I'm sure I would have loved the real Morrie Schwartz,
the professor who lit a fire under the sportswriter/author's ass,
but the real Mitch Albom just seems like a callous ass.

He forgets all about his mentor after graduation,
and only comes back 16 years later,
perhaps to exorcise his demons,
to make himself truly live life,
as Morrie loses his.

Granted, Albom's a master of Oprah-style aphorisms,
the kind of quote like "don't hide your light under a bushel",
that drives American audiences into paroxysms of pleasure.

No big surprise there;
sappy minds think alike,
and make millions of $$$ in a like manner.

Oprah produced the two-hankie tearfest TV Movie version:

My thoughts about that light under a bushel?

Get it out from under there, Mitch,
lest you burn down your whole frickin' house.

Matthew said it better;
yup, that MATTHEW, a much better writer who co-wrote
another little bestseller called The Bible:

"Neither do men light a candle,
and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick;
and it giveth light unto all that are in the house."

Matthew 5:15

I don't mean to sound too cynical.

I'm positive that Morrie's message
did help a lot of people who never had
anyone around to say the basic truths
that needed to be said, and understood.

I do know that I was, and still am fortunate
to have met my own Morries very early on in my life:

my father, Eddie Enriquez,
and one of his best friends,
my godfather, Eduardo "Dave" David.

That's my Ninong on the left,
beside his drinking buddy, my dad, on the right.

They were two of the most erudite wordsmiths
I'd ever met, a couple of lawyers
who, by their sheer command of language
brought about by their love of reading,

and by virtue of their examples as Men and as Fathers,
were able to teach me, at a very young age,
how best to live my life.

I like to think that they established in me
a way of thinking based on a combination
a legalist's "dura lex, sed lex" realism
and an idealist's boundless optimism,
built on a foundation of old-school moral values.

My Ninong Dave passed away last Monday,
a few days before I watched the play last Friday,

and maybe that's why Mitch Albom's popular play
didn't resonate with me:

I was already in the midst of living my very own
"Tuesdays With Morrie".

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The NOSE Knows NOISE Pollution

E kung...
ko kaya yang malaking bunganga mo?

That's how he hollers
"Vaseline Shampoo",

perhaps trying out
a new advertising tactic
that badgers consumers
into washing their hair just to get him to shut up.

My car's color-coded on Mondays,
and at times, I have to suffer through
this loud, boorish man's crowing
as I wade through traffic in a taxicab.

He's as irritating as FOGHORN LEGHORN,
that classic character from Looney Tunes.
They sound, and even look alike!

Looney is the operative word here.
A year ago, MIKE ENRIQUEZ,
he of the magnificent proboscis,
jologsized 97.1 LS-FM,

the station that was,
for decades, MetroManila's Campus Radio,
an excellent portal for university events,
and turned it into a universally baduy Energy FM wannabe.

The experiment failed miserably,
and instead of firing himself,

he fired the loyal DJs of the station,
among whom were some of the best (not just pa-cute)
English speakers on the airwaves,

who had to suffer through the indignity
of making themselves sound like jeepney barkers in Recto
upon the looney orders of the great Kapuso.

The Best Little FROZEN YOGURT Shop in the Philippines

... is deep inside Angeles City, Pampanga!

My great friends Tanny & Noelle
brought me to a small frozen yogurt shop
in a small mall on Orchard Road,

where I had some of the best yogurt I've had in years,
and I've been craving for that "cultured" taste
ever since that trip to Singapore last December.

Last Saturday,
I just had to stop when I saw a small building
that looked not unlike an igloo,

when I saw those glorious letters in chrome
spelling out
F R O Z E N Y O G U R T.

Will culinary wonders in Pampanga never cease?

This small shop called
staffed by warm, cheerful soft-serve experts,

serves the freshest-tasting natural flavor yogurt
I've had in the Philippines.

The ingredients are of the best quality:

Wilderness, a.k.a. Comstock pie fillings,
the only toppings my mom allows on her Philly cheesecakes;

your choice of your favorite Hershey's syrups
in Chocolate or Strawberry;

Oreo cookies and Butterfinger candy,
crushed and generously showered on your yogurt...

... and this stuff is actually good for you!!!

Which is exactly why,
I just had to have two!

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