Wednesday, March 21, 2007

DISTRITO, Destroyed.

After Robert Jaworski,

perhaps no other player in the history of the PBA
played with the intensity and passion
of Rudy "The Destroyer" Distrito,

he of the jackrabbit moves and
total adherence to Jawo's policy of:
"if you're going to foul an opponent,
foul him HARD,
you'll be called for the foul anyway!";

from his early days with the Crispa Redmanizers
to his glorious championships with Ginebra,
and even up to his twilight years with Swift's,

Rudy Distrito elicited intense reactions from the fans---
you either loved him or hated him,
with a passion.

Apparently, the team owners of the league did so too.

Distrito was subjected to a "Gentleman's Agreement",
an off-the-record, very quiet move to have him banned from the PBA,
and his professional license revoked,
after a too-long series of too-hard fouls on opposing players.

He eventually drifted to Jinggoy Estrada's
San Juan Knights in the MBA,
and after that league folded up,

The Destroyer ultimately wound up as a TNT in the US of A.

And true to his intense character,
a few years later,
a Crime of Passion was committed:

in a moment of black rage,
Distrito stabbed and killed a Mexican man,

the new boyfriend of Rudy's former girl.

He received a sentence of 4-12 years in a California penitentiary,

and a lifetime ban from returning to America
after he serves his time in jail.

Distrito will be deported to the Philippines,
a la former Cong. Mark Jimenez,
after his break in prison.


Blogger NOYPETES said...

He might be home in time to beat the schedule to register and run for a congress seat in the next election!

March 21, 2007 at 10:30 PM  

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