Friday, December 24, 2010


ACTUALLY, in a movie overflowing with "best scenes",
this, for me, is the best one by far:
all you need is LOVE.

all these people are NOT actors,
these are all real reunions, captured by
the director, Richard Curtis, at London Heathrow : )

watch the opening scene:

Monday, December 06, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a WARAY CHRISTMAS....

One of the most beautiful buildings
in the Philippines this Yuletide season,

a Gen. MacArthur-era mansion converted
into Tacloban's most Christmassy hotel!!!

This hotel, bursting with World War II history,
is the best take-off point for the Imelda/Sto.Nino Shrine,

the longest and highest bridges in the Philippines,
(San Juanico and Agas-Agas respectively)


(sing along now...)
MacArthur Park.

A dazzling array of Christmas lights is
in every nook and cranny of the hotel,

each twinkling light brightening
every hotel guest's spirits
with Christmas cheer!

Hotel Alejandro
P. Paterno Street, Tacloban City
(053) 321-7033 or 321-7509

Ask for the very friendly & helpful
Front Desk ladies, Karen and Nelly!

LEYTE's "Sonia's Garden": SAN RAFAEL FARM

Great Food,
Great Views,
Great Greens,
Great Gardens!!!

One of the most picturesque,
most verdant spots in the Visayas...

a serene gazebo in the midst
of a meandering pond,

the elegant and rustic
"bahay-kubo" restaurant area...

perfectly grilled herb-encrusted chicken,
pandan rice, fresh greens with sweet yogurt
dressing, and a large cup of creamy buko-pandan:

(only P220.00, are you kidding me?!?!?!)

and after you enjoy your gourmet lunch,

like the the two youngest members
of our peripatetic Happy Gang,
Nacho and Liyora,

you may choose to drift off...

amd float calmly through the reflecting waters,
one with the geese and the greenery of San Rafael!

San Rafael Farm
Babatngon, Leyte
(053) 325-0729

(just 30 minutes away from Tacloban City)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


A work of staggering comedy genius from

So who's Hitler supposed to be, Vince?

Both Sec. Bertie Lim and Ms. Yoly Ong were great contributors
to the victory of President Benigno C. Aquino III
during the last elections.

For that, I'll be forever grateful.
They were instrumental in ensuring that
Gloria and her children were marginalized.

But the insensitivity displayed by these two recently,
assuming that The Filipino Nation is too stupid
to notice a plagiarized (and fugly) logo,
reeks of President Arroyo again...

sure, we have our fall guy,

but what we don't have is an explanation
as to who the f*ck is going to refund our country's coffers
for the almost Four (or five?) Million Pesos spent for 'Ganda.

Yoly Ong is an institution in Philippine Advertising.
Her talents and campaign victories are legendary.

But apparently, sadly, so is her arrogance:

"I would rather be stoned, flayed, crucified
and burned at the stake,
than be cowed into condoning travesty."

Excuse me. Your agency's campaign,
preview or not, was the real travesty.

And please, this level of HUBRIS?

I really thought we'd seen the last of it after we voted out
the officers of what you so creatively call GMA's
"Gruesome Malicious Army":

"Never has such coordinated online outrage
been more violently expressed, eclipsing the anger
over the Maguindanao massacre, Morong 43,
or the unresolved murders of journalists combined!"

She ends with a quote from "President Roosevelt".

There were two: Theodore and Franklin Delano.

A better writer would have been precise.

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