Saturday, March 24, 2007

ROCO sa kotse ko, ROCO sa balota ko!!!

This Lady is a SURVIVOR.

I recall the first time I heard of her
was during the aftermath of the Baguio Earthquake of 1990;

she was attending an NGO seminar in Hotel Nevada
when the hotel came crashing down all around her.

A few days after the quake,
she was pulled out,
shaken but not stirred.

Then her late husband became the best-president-we-never-had,
and after Senator Raul passed on,
I thought that we'd heard the last of Mrs. Roco.

I bumped into her,
of all places,
in Manos' Hellenic Tavern in Tagaytay last December;

we chatted,
and it turns out that one of her favorite doctors
is none other than my best friend, Dr. HonHon Palugod.

Small world indeed!

And now,
this tough lady is running for the Senate.

I'm convinced that she has the intelligence,
the drive, the passion, the conviction for the Upper House.

NOT due to osmosis from the late Sen. Roco,
but purely on her own merits as a Women's Rights Advocate.

Do reserve one of your 12 slots for her.

I have, and I'm proudly proclaiming so on my car windshield!


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