Saturday, March 31, 2007


Congressman Joey Hizon of Manila's 5th District
smartly decided to drop his mayoralty plan,

and will instead be the running mate of MAYOR ALFREDO LIM.

During this past Wednesday's "Hostage Crisis",
Lim was spot-on when he predicted that the grenades were fakes,

as this was the exact same modus operandi used by Jun Ducat in 1989,
the first time he staged a hostage crisis,
by threatening two priests (!) with fake grenades.

This is the kind of Manila Mayor I want,
a tough old geezer who won't pander to publicity hounds,
or suffer fools gladly.

and now, let's talk about another candidate for Manila Mayor,

he seems to have violated COMELEC campaign rules
on the very first day of the campaign:

since when did my driveway become a freakin' authorized Poster Zone??!?!!?


Blogger pan_pacific_2003 said...

my friend,

you might want to think again who you want for mayor...and what a mayor should be doing...

spray campaigns against pushers did not lower the incidents of drug abuse in manila..a sustainable drug program would have done a better job... see it for yourself in other and almost all progressive countries.. pushers are not THE ONLY culprits, poverty is even more to blame. the ermita manila (supposedly the red light district of malate) is still dead but has slowly struggled to regain its business again after more than 10 years.. yes, i agree that prostitution is not moral and leagal but the way ermita was sabotaged was in lim's true character.. the dirty old harry.. westside way, where he came in and shot every man alive.. if he really is concerned for the citizens of manila.. he should have introduced an alternative livelihood program or at least a tourism or reimaging program for ermita before he drew his guns..

thnik about it.. do you remember anything he did for you during his term? health? job? taxes? or did he just do what your corrupt policeman cant?.. so should he run for mayor? or reenter the police force again? =)

i share your sentiments with regards to could he talking about beautifying manila when he fills up all the walls with his and his son's picture...yes he did beautify manila with baywalk and parks (where he did also beutify his bank accounts and pocket) but 9 LONG YEARS FOR JUST BEAUTIFICATION ALONE is, i believe, a bit way too long. dont you think so?

imagine this... if your were 10 yrs old when atienza became mayor.. and you are now 19 years old.. all the years that you spent studying, growing up and struggling to become a fine young man.. and finally earn you right to vote... all he did was to beautify manila..heheh..funny? it takes 3 years to build a 40 story building. but it took him 9 years just to beautify some not even all parks... what was he doing with spare time and money?

vote wisely!!!
vote wisely!

April 22, 2007 at 10:17 AM  
Blogger pan_pacific_2003 said...

one more thing my friend...

fred lim has been a senator for 3 years now... he claims not to get his countryside development fund or better known as the pork barrel which is around 200 million a year per senataor..

it is not illegal to get the pork barrel, it only becomes illegal when he pockets it or uses it to enrich himself... NOW, if you were fred lim and you really love manileno's.. wouldnt you have fought for and gotten the 200Million already allocated for manileno's and put it into good infras or social projects that will benefit the poor manileno's?

il give you some facts.. the budget of manila is 6.8 BILLION a year... during his time, he was charged with malversation of funds because he purchased fertilizers and agricultural epuipments for the city of manila!! hahahaha... amazing what they will sign their names on huh?...

now you tell me why he wants to become mayor.=) and if you still want him to become mayor..

or should we campain for LIM FOR SENATOR NA LANG PLEASE..HEHEHE.

vote wisely!!!

April 22, 2007 at 10:31 AM  

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