Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Return of The One and Only ...

I've loved DOMINO'S for quite a long time now.

You know, since the time when we actually
called Pizzas by their full names:


My family has quite the bond with Domino's too.

My Cousin Larry
(no, we're not the Perfect Strangers sitcom characters)
opened a Domino's in our hometown of San Fernando, Pampanga
back in the late-1990s. And even after a particularly violent

lahar flow from the slopes of Pinatubo caused massive flooding
in our province and submerged his Domino's
neck-deep, ovens and all,

soon, he was back in business,
providing Pampanga with the precious pies.


one sad day, all the Domino's Pizza restaurants in the Philippines
disappeared. Poof! Gone just like that. Some sort of problem
with the former Franchisor and the local Franchisees.

And boy, did we miss our pies.

Not even the "angels" were
able to compensate...

... until this man came along,
and thundered, "Let there be Pizza!"

Meet Mr. Tong Hong
and his lovely wife, Bu Rim Lee.

Mr. Tong grew up in the United States,
and literally, worked his way up the Domino's chain,
rising from delivery crew to owning his own restaurants.

He's a man who knows and loves his Pizza,
and lives, breathes, and of course, eats it as well.

He relocated to the Philippines to share his piece of the pie,
and together with his partners from Goldilocks,

they are ready to reclaim pizza Dominance for Domino's!

The pies are as good as I remember them.

I enjoyed them with some of my favorite foodies,

blogger/basketball star Richard of Ya Kun Kaya


blogger/photographer extraordinaire Heidi

And soon, many more
Pizza Connoisseurs
were lining up!!!

Deservedly So.

Pizza Perfection

from a

Cute and Capable Crew,

is what makes

Domino's really really special!!!

What are you waiting for?!?!

Choose your Pie now:

If you're in




these bikes will deliver your freshly hot pizza in
30 minutes, guaranteed!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011



gets to enjoy their favorite Casa Special, absolutely FREE,
when they celebrate with at least three more family/friends:

The Graduate's Choice of Free Casa Specials:

1. Tenderloin Steak with choice of sauces
- ala pobre, peppered, peanut sauce

2. Salpicado
- tenderloin cubes sauteed in olive oil, garlic rice

3. Pollo al Ajillo
- half roasted chicken with garlic rice

4. Chicken parmesan
- breaded chgicken breast topped with a creamy cheese sauce
served with fettuccine al burro

5. Barbecued Spareribs
- meaty ribs with our special sauce

6. Crunchy Fish Fillet
- with Mango Walnut sauce

7. Fillet of Fish
- mornay sauce with spinach or anchovy mushroom sauce

8. Seafood Linguine
- squid, shrimps and clams in tomato sauce

9. Shrimp Marucca
- shrimp and mushroom with a creamy garlic sauce

10. Spaghetti Bolognese
- the Mario's classic comfort food recipe

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

next up: TOM CRUISE for BENCH?


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