Friday, August 31, 2007


Former Paranaque Mayor Joey Marquez
has been convicted of graft
and sentenced to 30 to 50 years in prison
for the anomalous purchase of Walis Tingting (!)
worth P2,940,000.


Onli in da Pilipins!!!!

When pressed for a comment in a telephone interview,
the convicted ex-politican's sister,

Melanie Marquez,
former Bb. Pilipinas International
and notorious word mangler said:

My brother is out of town,
would you like to wait?

Huh? What you say?
Can you repeat that for a second time once more around again?

Do not judge my brother, he is NOT a book!!

He is clean and pure, not a walis tingting!!!
My brother is not a pig!
He is a human being!

He is not a criminal, he is an innocent....

Hay naku!
sumasakit na tuloy ang migraine headache ko.

For a while ha,
hang yourself on the phone......"


Definitely the most thrilling game-winning shot of the year!

Although I'm an alumnus of,
in chronological order:
De La Salle, Ateneo de Manila, & the University of Santo Tomas,

my basketball allegiances are strictly with
the Eagles and the Tigers.

As a grade school graduate of De La Salle,
it embarasses me no end
that DLSU has consistently been involved in UAAP scandals.

While I respect the fanaticism of the La Sallites,
it is an inarguable, inescapable fact that (our) their team
has been caught, and punished, for premeditated cheating,
at least twice, since their (our) school joined the UAAP.

As a basketball sportscaster,
it irritates me no end
that the Green Archers have defiled the purity of the game
by bastardizing Winston Churchill's maxim of
"Victory at all costs..."

As an Atenean and a Thomasian,
it pleases me no end
that both my High School and College alma maters
continue to show the Philippines exactly how
basketball should be played:

with true courage, sheer intensity,
always tough, but never dirty.

One cannot put a price on honest achievements
predicated on pure school spirit.

Last year,
I was torn apart when UST and Ateneo
battled for the UAAP Championship.

But when the underdog rookie-laden Tigers
snatched the crown from the veteran Eagles,

I rejoiced with the rest of the Espana community.

And earlier tonight,
I was as proud as Kirk Long's father
when his young son, a rookie player,

played DAVID,
and with a single spectacular LONG shot,
slew the defending champions,
the GOLIATH that is UST.

It was still a win-win situation for me,
after all.

for the lousy picture of my TV screen, thanks to me.
for the great pictures of Kirk Long of Ateneo,

all the credit goes to,

Home of the Ateneo Sports Shooters!!!

SEAN KINGSTON was right.....


get well soon, Owen Wilson.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Staring at the SON

Is Chris Martin really the spiritual son of Bono,
will Coldplay inherit U2's title as "the best band in the world"?

If I were to base it on both lead singers' charismatic voices,
the anthemic crowd-pleasing songs,
their incomparable rapport with their fans,
and these DVDs,
two of the best live concert videos
to come out in recent years,

the answer would have to YES.

The U2 DVD captures the band at a resurgence;
"All That You Can't Leave Behind" had just been released,
an album that many consider to be the best by Bono and the boys
since "The Joshua Tree" more than a decade earlier.

After explorations into electronica during much of the 1990s,
U2 reverted to their guitar rock roots in 2001,
and in doing so,
they not only grabbed an armful of Grammy awards,
but more importantly,
quenched the thirst of long-time fans like myself
for the "real sound" of the band.

This concert has arguably the best version caught on tape,
and definitely the most romantic performance of
my. favorite. song. ever:


A couple of years later,
a band that sounded not unlke U2 became the hottest act in rock.

Flush with the success of "A Rush of Blood to the Head",
their follow-up to the debut album "Parachutes",
this concert captures COLDPLAY at a point in their career,
pre-Gwyneth Paltrow, pre-showbiz intrigues,

when Chris Martin and company
were playing their songs with sheer joy and pure exuberance,
enjoying, with their mesmerized audience, quite literally,

a rush of blood to the head,
brought about by an unbelieving realization that their band
had suddenly become a worldwide phenomenon.

You must watch this DVD for the sublime version,
bathed in sunny lemon lighting,
of ........ what else?


Monday, August 27, 2007

So BAD, yet So GOOOOOOD!!!

Chicken Skin Chicharon : P45.00

as we say in Pampanga....


(mamamatay ako sa sarap......
at higit pa,
mete ku quing cholesterol!!!)

You can order these cardiac specials at Terry's;
just phone in,
or drop by if you're in the Binondo area.

They also have special menu prices for LIPITOR ",


For a totally trippy Sound Trip,
play any two of the youtube files below simultaneously!

Even better,
all three at the same time,
adjust the volume of each video to make your own mix....


1. Start with Ben E. King's
classic STAND BY ME,

sample its' unmistakable bass and cymbals,
("tung dung dung, tsss! tugn dung dung, tsss!")

2. Layer it with Sean Kingston's SUICIDAL
foot-tapping Jamaican patois about
the eternal story of a man dumped by a beautiful woman,

3. Infuse it with JoJo's "grrrl power" vocals
about BEAUTIFUL GIRLS further dissing the poor loser,
and you've got some of the best dance music of 2007!!!

Bumalik nAPO Sila!!!

This album is a prime example of exactly the reason why,
despite the fact that I "own" a 2,000+ member yahoogroup
uneuphemistically named "QUIAPO DVD",

I never buy pirated OPM CDs.

immedately after seeing the advert of this follow-up
to 2006's top commercial and critical success,
Kami nAPO Muna,
I rushed to MusicOne, eagerly handed over my P300,
and immediately listened to the CD.

I was really afraid that this would fall prey to "sequel-itis",
a disappointing release concocted just to make easy money
from gullible fans of the original.

Well, rest easy, fellow APO and Alternative music fans,
our fears are unfounded....

If at all,
this new tribute album is even better than the first;
it's more muscially, artistically adventurous;

and in spite of the fact that some of the APO songs
here are admittedly some of their latter, 2nd-tier hits,

that actually works to the songs' advantage,
as the listener is not biased by "historical preferences",
but rather, is pleasantly surprised by the pleasure of new discoveries.

The cover versions verge into
trip-hop & chill-out territory,
'70s-style moody guitar rock,
pure romantic pop confections,
Beatles-influenced pastiche,
and even a couple of
pang-toma sing-a-longs!

Definitely one of the best of 2007.

Danny, Jim, and Boboy ---
38 years on, and APO is hotter than ever!!!

1.AMERICAN JUNK : Kamikazee vs. Parokya ni Edgar

2.SALAWIKAIN : Mcoy of Oranges & Lemons
feat. The Spaceflower Show

3.PRINCESA : Itchyworms


5.TUYO NA'NG DAMDAMIN : Silent Sanctuary



8.LOVE IS FOR SINGING : The Bloomfields

9.SYOTANG PA-CLASS : Radioactive Sago Project
feat. Raymund Marasigan

10.KAIBIGAN : Up Dharma Down

11.SHOW ME A SMILE : Imago

12.ISANG DANGKAL : Paramita

13.HETO NA : Concrete Sam

14.TULOY ANG IKOT NG MUNDO : Dicta License


16.JUST A SMILE AWAY : Shamrock

17.SUNTOK SA BUWAN : Scrambled Eggs


Sunday, August 26, 2007

86% Pass Rate!!!


to the brand new RNs of


Just a few hours ago,
the PRC released the much-delayed results of the
June 2007 Philippine Nursing Licensure Exams.

After almost three long months
of holding our collective breath,

we finally received the awesome news that
Universal Worker Inc.,
the review center network I manage,
(I do have a day job. hehehe!)

achieved an 86% pass-rate
(almost double the Philippine national average!)
for the pioneer batch of the
very first STI College of Nursing,
STI San Pablo, Laguna.

In 2008,
18 more STI Colleges of Nursing
will graduate their respective pilot batches.

01 down,
18 to go...

Bring it on!!!!

props to:
Eric, Monina, Kaybee, Maggie, Margaret, Loyda, Rita,
Randelle, Nida, Kai, Jorie, Ces, Karen, Dolph, Beth,
Yvette, Tony, Junita, Suzzette, Chet, Louella, Toni,
Vicky, Connie, Alf, Reg, Ray, Chedie, Jack, Flor, Che,
and wasn't this the perfect birthday gift, Dean Joy?

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I was working late last Wednesday,
and the only other people left in the office
were the IT guys;

before I shut down my PC for the day,
I couldn't resist watching this commercial
one last time on youtube.

It's a great way to de-stress,
and a guaranteed way to put a goofy smile on my face.

Imagine my surprise when I seemed to hear an echo
from outside my office, and upon stepping out,
I saw the IT guys singing and dancing along to the same video!

Corporate professionals reverting to childhood because of a TVC...

The sheer silly exuberance of the kids in the commercial,
the wonderful and vibrant Willy Wonka-ish colors,
the dance steps that will surely be performed in this year's Christmas parties,
and most of all,
that jingle that's guaranteed to afflict us all with Last Song Syndrome,

makes this TVC one of the Best of 2007, an instant classic!

download the full TV commercial here:

download the MP3 jingle for your cellphone here:

many thanks to: for the picture for the sound file
and for the commercial,


Unilever and Knorr for making this Manila Boy a Manila Kid again!


He's the graphic design genius
(emphasis on graphic)

who was my creative partner
(the McCartney to my Lennon)

this past week,
when we wholeheartedly participated
in the onslaught against you-know-who.


The picture above could've been captioned
"Herb D Perv feasts on ----",

and since Sam Gyup Sal,
or as we call it, Korean Bacon,

is our favorite pulutan with SMB Pale Pilsen,
the title would have been more than appropriate.

My perverted kumpare prefers to remain low-key,
but I'd like to honor his contributions to the cause
(The Top 7 Things to Say to ----; all the anti---- logos)
by introducing you to this character from Cavite:

Top 5 Strange Facts About HERB D PERV:

1. His e-mail address really is
For any graphic design needs, do send him a note.

2. He's not a doctor or a nurse,
but he works at a hospital.
Or at least, pretends to.

3. He's got friends named "PUTONG" and "ULO";
the outrageous stories about these gentlemen
are not fit for a family-friendly blog.

4. He compiled the best-ever collection of Alternative Rock
in a 10-CD volume series entitled:
(you can still order this, btw. see e-mail address above)

5. He believes, and I agree,
that this Japanese-French/Canadian lady
is the Best Actress in the World.

(you can order her DVDs; just e-mail Herb D Perv!)


somewhere on Leonard Wood Road

I'll have to stay in Manila this long weekend,
as I have to stake out the PRC and wait for the results
of the June 2007 Local Nursing Board Exams.

But while I'll miss Baguio's bed weather,
the recent events in Philippine Nursing
have really made me feel really good.

This past week,
there's been a confluence of events in my industry,
that of Nursing Reviews, both local and international:

1. GAPUZ, the Queen of Leakages,
is in very hot water over last year's cheating scandal
a criminal case against his notorious review center
has finally been filed by the Department of Justice.

2. The U.S. Nursing Licensure exam, the NCLEX,
has finally been deployed in the Philippines
now, prospective Filipino USRNs need not fly to
Saipan, Guam, Hong Kong, or Seoul to take the exam.

So damn COOL.....

Viewing Deck of SM Baguio




Ginisang ALAMANG with KAMIAS.

Truly Pinoy,
and a perfect post-hangover meal
served with freshly-cooked steaming hot white rice
generously topped with this,

the best-ever Crunchy Fried Garlic with Chili Oil

from Becky's Kitchen!

Friday, August 24, 2007



to all the PINOYS
who blogged, spammed, e-mailed, instant messaged,
and practically excoriated themselves
hammering their keyboards defending their OFW kabayans

from the abusive, insensitive, careless words
of one just-resigned Malu Fernandez.

we've proven that we can be a force to be reckoned with.

And contrary to what she may be thinking right now,
the fight was less about Hate for Malu and her words,
but more about Love for the Philippines and her people


Many people have asked me why I blog:
My 15 Minutes of Fame?

and even one:
Because I'm lonely? (huh?)

Bottom line is,
I blog because I'm so damn

Through this medium,
I'm able to reach my countrymen all over the world,
and many other citizens from dozens of other countries,

and remind them,
on a daily basis,

that yes,
despite the seeming insanity inherent in our society,

is still the best damn country on earth,

and that

are simply, the best.

Do you get it now, Malu?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Welcome to my 430th blog post
over the past 373 days.

I had one aborted attempt in February 2006,
and completely forgot about blogging,

until Anton and Ajay,
my mentors,
convinced me to give it another try.

They were and are great;
and kind.

But they forgot to supply the toilet paper.

They should have,
because thanks to them, I've now got BLOG DIARRHEA.

And to take the "paper" analogy one step further,
the time has come to publish my blog
for the supreme embarassment of my future children.

Thanks to HERB d PERV,
my genius graphic designer kumpare,
"Manila Boy" will soon come out in a glossy magazine format.

In a couple of decades,
my kids will be able to read their Dad's:

1. Really really bad puns
2. Nationalistic left-leaning rants
3. Sentimental outbursts
4. Romantic notions
5. Delusions of grandeur

... and yes,
in a pinch, they can use my blog book as TP.

I should name my firstborn "Cornholio",
should that be the case.

So here it is, ladies and germs....

The sample pages of "MANILA BOY":

(just click on the pics for the actual size of the pages)

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Monday, August 20, 2007


Just last night,

I was having a conversation
about my impassioned opinions
on matters as diverse as:

the merits of "baston" jeans,
why I enjoy hosting children's parties,
the many ways by which I'll torture Malu Fernandez,
why I feel I might eat my words and still enter politics,
the melancholic, grief-stricken depths of my eyes (huh?),
why "Yahweh, I Know You Are Near" is one of the best mass songs,
the reasons why "Top Chef" is a great reality TV show,

and why all this boundless optimism
in my unshakeable beliefs rounds off to my being
considered a hopeless,
or as i prefer,
a hopeful Romantic.

I don't mind.

I love the fact that
I can still dream with my eyes wide open ",

And so,
upon waking up this non-Manic Monday morning,
I was pleasantly surprised
to read Sara Soliven-De Guzman's column
in The Philippine Star,

which perfectly articulated my feelings about my hero,
Ninoy Aquino,
who, it turns out,
was also considered to be quite the Romantic himself.

Not surprisingly, her tribute
included excerpts from the writings of her father,
one of the greatest Filipino journalists ever.

Here's her dad,
the late, great Max Soliven,

on his Ateneo schoolmate,
Martial Law jailmate,
true friend,
and fellow Pinoy patriot:

"These days,
the Filipino spirit has been dampened,
our self-confidence crushed
under the weight of each revealed inequity,
and tales of resurgent corruption, graft, vaulting ambition –
plus the continuous fight on terrorism.

This is a time for us to remember a man
who believed that the Filipino was “worth dying for,”
and from him gather the renewed resolve
that the Filipino is worth living for, as well.

Ninoy was a hard-nosed newspaperman.
He took risks where others preferred to be prudent.
For him life was a great adventure.

Aquino had that golden tongue
to which every politician aspires,
but with which only a few are gifted.

It goes beyond rhetoric or eloquence on the entablado:
he had a strange power to move hearts, provoke laughter,
attract loyalty and affection,
whip a crowd up to a frenzy and the fervor of a crusade,
inspire hope in listeners
miserably perched in the brink of despair.

Most politicians bet on a sure thing.
Ninoy gambled on the goodness and sense of decency of the Filipino.
A pragmatist would have kept himself safely in the United States
preserving his life “until a better day.”

But Ninoy was a romantic
who believed that promises must be kept,
pledges must be redeemed,
and death – if it awaited him –
must be faced in order to show the people
that there are things more important than life.

When he died,
I penned an adieu entitled:
“Goodbye, Superboy! A Fond Farewell to the Last Romantic.”

Yet, I hope Ninoy was not the last romantic –
for such romantics are what we desperately need
in these painful days of harsh and bitter realities.

Someone once said that it is far better to soar with the eagles,
braving the hunter’s gun,
than to scratch on the ground with chickens.

The hunter’s gun finally found Ninoy Aquino at the airport
which now bears his name.

His spirit was freed to soar among the stars.”

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