Saturday, March 24, 2007

HIZON's : The Best RAISIN BREAD. Ever!!!

Our family has two Raisin Bread traditions:

the french bread-shaped loaves of the Baguio Country Club,

and these:
the old-fashioned kind available at Hizon's/Za's Cafe in Malate.

By far,
this is my favorite!

These are pillow-like:
as large as your favorite small pillow,
and pillow-soft as well.

You can eat them straight up,
and probably finish half a loaf in doing so,
because this is a fluffy, flaky sweet bread,

the type that you can compress into a ball
and pop into your mouth if you prefer to do so.

Better yet,
try it this way:

cut one-inch thick slices,
pop into a toaster for 3-4 minutes,
or until the edges darken,

then simply slather some full cream butter
on the now-crunchy and croissant like slices.

And don't be surprised if it sort of tastes like....

that's right....



Blogger writerinresidence said...

Man, you're foodie entries are great...My particular fave? The one that shows the dinner waiting for you at 11pm - Ano ba yan!

March 27, 2007 at 10:04 AM  

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