Tuesday, July 31, 2007

KAPALMUX : Must Be The Fookin' Eyebrows!!!

Text message from my friend Joanne,

just a few minutes ago:

"i got 2 watch d drama series s ch. 2...

kamukha m pla c loyd samartino"

there might be some truth here, actually.

My late great Dad's last GF

before he married my beloved Mom,

was none other than Lloyd Samartino's own mother,

Carmen Patena!!!

'langhiya, baka nga nakasingit si Erpats. Hahahahaha!!!

This got me thinking about other showbiz men that I've been told,

I sort of look like, from the '80s to the present:

William Martinez:

once, during the BAGETS era,

my Lola Sally actually called up the house one summer afternoon

to ask my mom what the hell I was doing on TV;

apparently, my Lola saw William getting down to "Growing Up",

and totally thought that her grandson had entered showbiz.

Louie Heredia:

I actually shared a tent with him in Mt. Makiling during his pre-singer days,

back when we were both Boy Scouts at the Ateneo High School.

He weighed around 300 lbs. then, at 16 years old,

before he slimmed down and sang "Can't Find No Reason".

Mr. Big:
I was stoked when an ex-GF stared deep into my eyes,
all Carrie Bradshaw like,
and told me that I was her "Mr. Big".
I'm really not sure what she meant,
if it was a compliment on my deep, dark eyebrows,
or if she was referring to the way our relationship
kept falling into seemingly hopeless pits and valleys,
just like that of the starcrossed couple from Sex and the City.

enough nonsense for now,
I'm meeting a lovely date at 11pm
to welcome her August 1 birthday,

and I still have to put on my William Martinez neon-pastel layered outfit,
look for my Louie Heredia minus-one tape,
and write down witty lines to impress her with, a la Mr. Big!!!

Don't It Make My BROWN EYES Gray....





Your Eyes Should Be Gray

Your eyes reflect: Intensity and drive

What's hidden behind your eyes: A sensitive soul

Sunday, July 29, 2007

TURISTA sa sariling BAYAN

My Lakbayan grade is B-!

And I thought I already was such an accomplished Pinoy Tourist!

Turns out that I've missed out on very large chunks of

... time to see Camiguin!!!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out atLakbayan!

BLACK : places i've lived in

INDIGO : places i've often visited

DARK BLUE : places i've visited once to thrice

LIGHT BLUE : places i've just passed through

WHITE : places i've never been to

Created by Eugene Villar.

Friday, July 27, 2007

ATENEO takes the 1st Round

Typhoon Tiu hits;
Taft Ave. flooded...

...in tears.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LASHENG na ko, pare.... *hic!*

I turned RED either from too much alcohol
or too much sun.

Either way, it's all goooooood!!!

Meet the bars and the booze that made Boracay famous:

The JAM JAR from Cocomangas,
potent mixtures served in recycled mayo jars,
the best refreshment when cooling down
after unbridled showdowns on sandy dancefloors.

Must Try:
>Pina Colada
>Lychee Margarita

The best bar on the island, bar none.

Forget about the trendoid assembly point
that is Hey Jude...

real barhounds find their way to this joint
right beside the Boracay Regency.

Must Try:
>Amaretto Sour
>Adios, Motherf*ck*r
>Banana Bubblegum Shooters

and by the by,
the in-house DJ of Juice
gives MetroManila mixers a run for their money,

and after all that drunken dancing,
chill out at their Buddha Lounge!

and last,
but most definitely not the least:

Loyal SMB Lovers must get this at D'Talipapa,
and wear it as proudly as a Purple Heart medal,
as they stagger around as if wounded in battle
along the sands of Boracay:

(available as a tee, a wife-beater, and a muscle shirt)

It's All About The FOOD, Baby!!!

my 3-year old nephew is a budding gourmet;
he eats an ice cream cone just like a toddler should---
(and the way we all still wish we could)
all drips and licks resulting in a sticky mess of biblical proportions.

As Sam continued on to his joyful journey of beach food,
all chocolate ice cream, mango shakes, and grilled hotdogs,

his elders tried their darndest
to experience as much of the gustatory possibilities of Boracay
as they could during their all-too-brief 3days & 2nights stay:

Grilled Red Snapper at CYMA,

a light lunch of Gambas and Garlic Bread under a CABANA,

Lobsters at D' TALIPAPA,

Choco-Peanut-Banana-Rum shakes at JONAH'S,

BaconSiLog Breakfasts at the PEARL of the PACIFIC buffet,

and at dusk, Boracay's National Food, the CHORIBURGER!!!

Who says you have to diet
when you'll be walking around in a swimsuit
the whole day?


Monday, July 23, 2007


Pure White.

This PEARL is one of the oldest in Boracay,
and is still among the very best---

its location very near Cocomangas and Jonah's
ensures proximity to all the 15 Shots (and still standing!)
and Fruit Shakes you can imbibe,

not to mention the best Choriburger stalls come sundown.

you can't argue with the view....

Willy's Rock to the left,
the cliff to the right,
and all azure front and center.

And after a long hot day under the sun,
what could be better than cooling down
in a bedroom strewn with fresh flowers?

Obviously, the resort management
thought of something even better...

... at this Pearl of the Pacific,
the angel is in the details!!!


GMA's personal dog pound,
the Lower House (emphasis on L-o-w-e-r),
interrupted her 2007 State of the Nation Address
by barking simultaneously 103 times.

Say what you will about our Congressmen,
but it's nice to know
that those dogs are really Ma'am's best friends.

Loyalty to their master indeed....

A Love Affair, REKINDLED.

"Rage, Rage,
Against the Dying of the Light...."

I really, really thought
that my passion for Boracay had waned.

the rowdy crowds that had lined its shores,
the advertising collaterals that replaced the leaves on the trees,
the concrete buildings that mushroomed by the beach,

made me think of the island
as a formerly dewy, innocent girl
getting corrupted by commerce,
starting to wear too much make-up,
and suddenly becoming the local tart.

But I'm glad that I got her alone again,
in a manner of speaking,
all to myself during this off-peak season,

and this beach lover,
once again rediscovered the intimate pleasures of solitude
that awaited in this most beautiful of islands.

And like the sunset pictured above,
my love for the beaches of Boracay, it seems,
will not go gentle into that good night.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


July 2007:



Friday, July 20, 2007


Boracay, May 1991:

no electricity,
no ice,
no crowds,
no trash.

Davie Bowie used to sing.

I fear and feel that the Boracay of yore
has disappeared,
just like the slimmer versions of cousin JJ and myself
from 16 (!!!) years ago,

and like JJ and I,
my beach is starting to be just a bit battle-weary,
showing the ravages of too much hard partying
over the past decade and a half.

I'll be off to my island in six hours time,
and yes,
I have to admit,
I'm so damn pumped to see her again,

never mind the thousands of Koreans
that I expect to see stabbing the soft white sand
with the stiletto heels their women are predisposed
to wear while on the island.

I just hope that I won't
have to write this upon my return...

Bora, July 2007:

electronica is blaring 24/7,
ice-cold drinks are overpriced,
crowds of jologs in basketball shorts,
most of the clubs are pretty trashy.

Why SINATRA Matters

Silver Lining:

After a devastating Anay Attack
annihilated my collection of
Maxim and Stuff magazines from my swinger days,

I was forced to check every nook and cranny
of my bedroom/library/storage area,
and was pleased to find that my vintage Spider-Man
comic collection (worth thousands of $$$!!!),
was safe and sound.

Along the way,
I discovered one of my most precious books,
which I thought I had lost long ago,
safely ensconsed in a forgotten, dusty "karton".

Call it serendipity, fate, karma, destiny, or kismet,

but those awful termites inadvertently
made this bookworm weep tears of joy ",

From Publishers Weekly

Like a musical Elements of Style,
Hamill's slim meditation on Frank Sinatra is confident, smart and seamless.

Since (and immediately before) Sinatra's death in May 1998,
countless tributes have been made to the singer;
Hamill (A Drinking Life) seems to be writing to set the record straight,
for he knew Sinatra and, before that, knew the singer's music.

But Hamill doesn't fawn over Sinatra
the way other, younger writers have recently done.

Rather, he elegantly tells the Sinatra story,
dwelling on the singer's best recordings,
dismissing "the Rat Pack, the swagger, the arrogance,
the growing fortune, the courtiers,"

because in the end, he writes,
they are "of little relevance."

What matters, according to Hamill,


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Livin' La Vida SPANKY

this made me squirm!!! nakakapangilabot!

a lost interview from 1999, when apparently,

Ricky Martin was my idol. YIKES.

i was interviewed for the "MOD MEN" feature in MOD Magazine,
and the writer, Viva Andrada,

kept the article and posted the text
in her multiply.com account ",

here are my truly embarassing thoughts from 8 years ago...

Oct 6, '06 11:54 AM
for everyone

Category: Other
(MOD MEN October 1, 1999)

Livin’ La Vida Spanky

Living a bachelor’s life unhampered by a wife and kids is a state of euphoria to some adventurous souls. Not only do they have the freedom to do as they please, their hours are also, at best, effectively spent on self-actualization and improvement.

Spanky Enriquez, external affairs manager of Systems Technology Institute (STI), is relishing every experience life offers him at present. He is achieving his dreams and making them a reality through persistence, hard work, and love for what he does.

If Spanky could switch places with anyone in the world, he would gladly trade places with Ricky Martin. He says that Ricky Martin gets to travel around the world and, the girls “just by shaking your hips and bang they are falling all over you!”

MOD interviewed Spanky regarding his thoughts on first impressions, life as a bachelor and more. Here are his responses:

MOD: What do you want people to see when they look at you?
Spanky Enriquez: Well, I want them to see a young man on the rise, with somewhere to go. I want them to see someone’s who’s able to speak his mind and is able to translate his ideas into action by inspiring the people under him, and around him to do as he pretty much pleases.

When you meet someone what do you first notice?
When meeting a man, the first thing I’ll notice is how he shakes hands and whether he looks me in the eye when talking. That for me is the sign of strength or how far he can go, trusting the other person. Now, meeting a woman has a different dynamic about it for the reason that I’m not gay. I have a tendency to flirt with women I meet, I notice how she talks, basically, her diction, her vocabulary, all these things and of course, physically, her face and the eyes.

What are the perks of being the external affairs manager of STI?
Number one perk is you get to set your own schedule. Given the kind of personality I have, I love to get to meet people, talk to them on a professional basis and as it usually turns out, I manage to make a lot of friends in the process. It’s a good opportunity to mix both aspects of what I’m doing as far as my professional career and my personal life are both concerned.

How do you persuade people to your way of thinking?
Well, with extreme logic. I make them an offer they can’t refuse. I basically back up my intentions with the necessary justifications so you try to throw in the charm you have. You try to be very sincere. I don’t beat around the bush. I talk things straight. I know how to say no then I try to sweeten it, of course. It’s a matter of getting to relate to a person on a personal level, not just the professional.

How do you cope with the stress?
Normally, after a long stressful day at the office I find myself lighting candles in my bedroom, playing a really soft classical or jazz in the background. When I like to relax, I read murder and mystery novels.

If you were on a deserted island, name three people you want with you and why?
Three persons on a deserted island with me…Stephen King, he’d tell me really scary stories…Jennifer Lopez, she could sing and dance for me…a really good Italian chef, Philip from Azurro.

What type of clothes do you like to wear?
I feel most comfortable in blue jeans and shirt. I’m not into brown or beige. I find them truly boring. I either go dramatic or wildly exotic.

What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?
Oh, I’d buy a new house. I’m living in our ancestral house that has been in existence for a hundred years now. It’s been in our family for generations. I want space for my kids, in the future, to run around. I want high ceilings and to be able to open my French windows into a garden. Next, I’d take a year off and go to Europe. I’d immerse myself in the culture and make a lot of friends.

What do you enjoy most about being a bachelor?
I have lesser responsibilities. I don’t have to answer to anyone. Although, I would love to have a baby or a kid at this point but not a wife. When I get married, I might lose my bright-eyed wonder. An ex-girlfriend told me that: “Spanky, you’re going to be an excellent father but a lousy husband.” That was years ago, I’m hoping that I’m moving towards being an excellent husband material.

When is the best time to get married?
The best time to get married is when you’re financially secure even more than that when you are emotionally ready. Men are boys. A lot of men have the Peter Pan Syndrome. If you’re in love with the chase, the hunt, the courtship stage, flirtation then it’s not really the best time to get married. Take your time.

If your management philosophy were posted on a billboard somewhere in Makati, what would it be?
It would be “Respect the people you work with. Treat people with you like friends. Learn to trust.” By giving trust you inspire self-confidence. Talking to them, helping them reach their full potential. Be a friend and not a domineering, noisy boss.

Any parting messages for the youth of today?
It’s imperative for the youth of today to be skilled especially where computers are concerned. They have to be knowledgeable with computers since Information Technology is the in thing nowadays. It’s what gives you the edge. Secondly, love your parents. Respect them. You can’t get the right advice just by surfing the net. Listen to your elders. They’ve been around longer than you have.

Facts on Spanky:

Full name: Ramon Candido Hizon Enriquez
Height: 5’10”
• Spanky was a TV host of Vintage Sports RJ TV 29. He hosted PBA pre-game/halftime shows and Home TV shopping programs
• Spanky is a TV and Print Commercial model. He appeared in several ads of Stag, Diet Coke, Modess, Beer na Beer, PLDT, Burger Machine

Monday, July 16, 2007

SWIT memories of childhood

Remember these sweet slices of citrus?

Along with CHOC-NUT and TEXAS bubblegum,
they completed my triumvirate of sari-sari store treats
that I could purchase with my valuable bente-singko
back in 1979,

when the Peso-to-$$$$ exchange rate was
P7.00 : $1.00!!!

CHOC-NUT sells for P2.00 each,
TEXAS probably a peso,
seemingly available only from ambulant vendors
whenever I'm stuck in a MetroManila traffic jam,
retails for P5.00.

Sweet Memories of Traffic!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Up until late last year,
most balikbayans flying home from the US of A
were required to handcarry box upon box
of Krispy Kremes for their deprived relatives
back in the homeland.

With three KK stores now open in MetroManila,
and 30 more slated to open in the next 5 years,

the fuselage of most Philippine Airlines airplanes
coming from SFO or LAX no longer
have that intoxicating "Hot Light" aroma.

these past few months,
I always see a lot of KK boxes
tenderly being cradled by passengers
departing the Old Domestic or the Centennial Terminal
bound for all points of our archipelago.

Krispy Kremes
have replaced those gigantic red tins of assorted biscuits
(the one with the merry-go-round design)
as the New #1 PASALUBONG for Pinoys in the Provinces!

Now the funny thing is,
I've found myself,
upon returning to Manila,
coming home from either Davao or Cagayan de Oro,
lugging even more boxes of goodies.....

the PASTEL from Camiguin,
Mindanao's creamy delight!!!

Imagine the softest bun
filled with the creamiest dulce de leche,

and you have the mouthwatering addiction that is PASTEL!

Perfect right out of the box,
and even better when slightly toasted,

the original YEMA (condensed milk) flavor is now available
at the Davao International Airport,
right before the pre-departure waiting areas,

and for all the other scrumptious flavors below,
check them out next time you're at CdO!


how to risk ruining a perfectly good bottle of absolut blue?

infuse it with tableas of pure chocolate,
those dark rich hill-shaped nuggets from bohol,

made of 100% cocoa.

here's what the choco sludge looks like at the bottom of the bottle,
an hour after infusion......

after a month or so,
and after a couple of passes through filter paper
to remove excess sediment,

i'm hoping that the end result will taste similar to this,
complete with that unique chocolate mouth feel,
and that intoxicating cacao aroma,
that can only be found in this rarest of vodkas from the Ukraine:

Monday, July 09, 2007


After an epic 5-set battle with Rafael Nadal,

claimed his 5th consecutive Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles crown,
equaling the record set back in 1980 by Bjorn Borg,
who was in attendance at the championship match.

True to form,
and duly honouring the traditions
of the All England Lawn Tennis Club,

he donned an all-white suit as he accepted the golden trophy.

A True Class Act worthy of the classiest Grand Slam event.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


64%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

click on the pic
to measure your addiction!!!
move over, Maria Sharapova.....

#5 in the World, and rising!!!

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