Thursday, January 24, 2008

U2 3D

Anyone have the e-mail/contact info of SM Management?

U2 3D
must be shown at the
Mall of Asia's IMAX Theater!!!

It's perhaps the closest thing Manila
will have to an actual U2 concert.

Let's start a petition now!!!

Watch the trailer here!!!

Notes From an EW Critic:

"I remember seeing U2 at tiny Irving Plaza in New York in 2000
and being so psychotically happy to be
there I screamed myself hoarse.

Maybe the best thing I can say about this movie
is it reminded me of what pure rock fandom feels like...

it was hard to tell where the cheering from the film stopped
and the live audience began...

...this concert film,
shot during U2's Vertigo tour
at a 100,000-seat stadium in Argentina,
comes at us in images that are very nearly sculptural.

You're sitting in a movie theater,
wearing black-rimmed,
Adam Clayton-esque 3D glasses,
and you feel like the concert is happening in your lap.

Bono, with his soaring message of global love,
commands the crowd like a hunky hippie cult leader
(watch as Argentinians sob their way through "One").

Crane shots plunge into the crowd to surf along
with songs like "Pride (In the Name of Love),"
sending you reeling at the sight of
100,000 Argentinians bouncing in unison.

The 3-D effects don't jut out at you, obnoxiously —
they envelop you, majestically,
and that effect fuses with the band's transporting sound
to create a full-scale sensory high...

the Edge, with his genius guitar playing,
doesn't just create walls of sound —

he creates cathedrals of sound!!!"


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