Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Best Little FROZEN YOGURT Shop in the Philippines

... is deep inside Angeles City, Pampanga!

My great friends Tanny & Noelle
brought me to a small frozen yogurt shop
in a small mall on Orchard Road,

where I had some of the best yogurt I've had in years,
and I've been craving for that "cultured" taste
ever since that trip to Singapore last December.

Last Saturday,
I just had to stop when I saw a small building
that looked not unlike an igloo,

when I saw those glorious letters in chrome
spelling out
F R O Z E N Y O G U R T.

Will culinary wonders in Pampanga never cease?

This small shop called
staffed by warm, cheerful soft-serve experts,

serves the freshest-tasting natural flavor yogurt
I've had in the Philippines.

The ingredients are of the best quality:

Wilderness, a.k.a. Comstock pie fillings,
the only toppings my mom allows on her Philly cheesecakes;

your choice of your favorite Hershey's syrups
in Chocolate or Strawberry;

Oreo cookies and Butterfinger candy,
crushed and generously showered on your yogurt...

... and this stuff is actually good for you!!!

Which is exactly why,
I just had to have two!


Anonymous kimora said...

do you make your own gogurt?

April 17, 2009 at 12:38 PM  

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