Monday, July 05, 2010

Why NOYNOY Matters

"The entry into the scene of a new president
like Noynoy has produced an electrifying effect
on the nation’s psyche mainly because of
the kind of presence he projects.

In lieu of a smirk,
we are treated to the promise of a smile.

He walks without the swagger of power.
He talks plainly and common-sensically,
rather than in the soaring style
that is falsely equated with gravitas.

He’d rather connect with the man on the street
than with political leaders,
diplomats and the learned folks of academe.

His English is good and rich,
but he seems more comfortable in Filipino.

He is casual rather than pompous,
approachable rather than aloof.

He seems allergic to prepared speeches,
sometimes stumbling on words and phrases
that obviously are not his.

In contrast, he seems relaxed and fluent
when he’s on his own, and, listening to him,

you begin to realize that this is Ninoy Aquino’s son."


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