Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Simply The Best FISH & CHIPS

It's been almost a decade since my last grand
Fish & Chips adventure, back in 1999,
when my Ninong Banjo was still stationed
at the Lakenheath U.S. Air Force Base outside London.

During that visit,
I decided that I needed to eat Fish & Chips
exactly the way the Beatles did:

large pieces of cod, beer-battered,
with a siding of fresh-cut "chips",
the whole bloody fry-up dumped into a newspaper,
with a small container of malt vinegar for dipping...

My relatives in the U.K. were amazed
at how I just had to order Fish & Chips
every. single. time. we went out to eat.

I loved it!

The greasy paper,
the crunchy batter,
the tender white fillets,
the au naturel large cut chips,
and most of all, this:

the Malt Vinegar!!!

NO tartar sauce for this foodie!
No Sir, no siree!!!

It made perfect sense to me
that Singapore, being a former British Colony,
would still have great places for Fish & Chips.

And sure enough,
my galloping gourmand of a guide,
suggested this microbrewery
at the gorgeous Riverside Point:

And although,
as a concession to modern gustatory blasphemies,
BREWERKZ has to serve the miraculous fish
with the barbaric tartar sauce,

they had bottles of the Malt Elixir at the ready,
for traditional Liverpudlian tastebuds.

And the fish,
each fried piece as large as a whole tilapia,
was needless to say, excellent.

Pucker up!!!

And so, allow me to paraphrase Coffeemate's tagline,
"milk on my cereal, coffeemate in my coffee":

BEER on my fish, MALT in my vinegar!!!

Makes absolutely perfect sense to me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the fish and chips looks great

December 8, 2007 at 11:22 AM  
Blogger spanx said...

doc chef,

actually, the fish & chips are the reason why i didn't have space for the chicken wings at hooters...

magkatapat lang sila sa clarke quay, tawid lang ng tulay.

di bale, busog naman talaga sa tiyan at sa tingin.

hooters @ the fort tayo nila ruy when it opens this february 2008!

December 8, 2007 at 7:40 PM  

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