Thursday, November 29, 2007


The Manila Pen version
of a Mexican Standoff just ended,
with a whimper that was the quote above.

GMA threatened a bang of a bloody dispersal,
NOT just the kind of TV-friendly acoustic warfare
that drove a deafened Gringo Honasan out of Ayala during
the 1989 Makati CBD takeover.

Rather than risk the lives of the reporters
covering what essentially was a court walkout,

the Trillanes, Lim, and Guingona-sponsored
afternoon tea at a five-star hotel (again!)
came to an abrupt end when the Philippine Marines' tanks
literally crashed the party!

Quo Vadis,

Senator Trillanes?

Like Andres Bonifacio,
whose heroism we commemorate tomorrow,

I believe you should've gone ahead
and made the supreme sacrifice,
just like the Supremo did more than a century ago...

and let History be the Judge.


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