Saturday, March 10, 2007


Aside from blogging,

I keep myself busy with my day job,
running a Nurse Review Center network
that prides itself on a real, responsible review program
that trains Filipino Nurses to think critically,
rather than rely on cheats, leakages, and data dumps.

Universal Worker Inc.
has ahieved a 97% NCLEX pass rate from 2003-2007;
our learning system may not be easy,
but it sure works.

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride for the industry;

the NCLEX was finally approved for deployment in our country,
rather than have our nurses spend thousands of $$$
to take it in Guam, Saipan, Hongkong, or Seoul;

the Philippine Supreme Court denies UST's motion
for a retake of the questionable June 2006 Local Boards;

not coincidentally,
the very next day, the CGFNS firmly states that none
of these "licensed nurses" will be given U.S. Visa screens,
unless they retake the leakage-marred Med-Surg and Psych exams.

now comes the news that the ANA,
the American Nurses Association,
is urging a Full Retake,

of ALL the subjects in the Local Nursing Board,
and not just Tests 3 & 5.

I cannot fault the CGFNS, nor the ANA.

Their unflinching stand on the issue is just,
given that Nurses are responsible for Human Lives.

There are no "cheats" or "leakages" available
when a patient flatlines.

It's that simple.

Those opportunistic whores whose review centers
took advantage of these nurses,
with promises of magical formulae for passing the board exams,
have been strangely quiet since the scandal was exposed.

Look at what you have wrought.
YOU just may have damaged the sterling reputation of Filipino Nurses,


Happy Now?


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