Saturday, March 03, 2007

JOMA SISON is Dancing With The Stars...

This is just so WRONG
on so many levels:

1. Joma Sison, avowed Communist,
at a Christmas Party?!?!??!!

2. Ara Mina looking very much like
the Pinay version of the late Anna Nicole Smith.

3. "EAT BULAGA", Karl Marx version?
Here's former priest Louie Jalandoni,
Ara Mina,
Joma Sison,
and Janno Gibbs!!

4. Idol Joma: "Chicks dig me more than that Piolo-lovin' Sam Milby!!!"


By Arlie Calalo

THE military yesterday slammed
Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison
for posting pictures of himself on his Web site,
singing and dancing with actress Ara Mina,
who was in a revealing, low-cut dress.

“Jose Ma. Sison is enjoying life
while his supporters are rotting like hell,”
said Lt. Col. Bartolome Bacarro,
the military’s public information chief,
who added he found the photos
on the communist leader’s personal Web site

Sison’s Web site says the photos were taken at The Sand,
an upscale dance club in Amsterdam,
during a Christmas celebration on Dec. 9, 2006.
Four of the seven photos show Sison with Ara Mina.

Another photo shows Sison and Ara Mina
flanked by communist negotiating panel chairman Luis Jalandoni
and pop singer Janno Gibbs.

Bacarro said it was pitiful
that the New People’s Army rebels
were fighting government troops in the mountains
while their leader Sison was busy partying.

“I pity them.
They should challenge him.
There is nothing wrong with posting pictures,
but when your people on the ground are suffering
in the mountains at the mercy of the elements,
that’s different,” he said.

In an interview with Standard Today,
Ara Mina confirmed she was in Amsterdam
with Gibbs last December as part of a European tour
when they saw Sison at a Christmas party for The Sand.

She said she didn’t recognize Sison at the time,
and had only learned it was him from Gibbs.

“I was singing ‘Last Dance’
and everyone stood up to dance to the song.
There was this guy who came up and started dancing with me.
When I finished singing,
I asked Janno if he knew the guy who danced with me,
and he told me it was Joma Sison,” Reyes said.

“Janno told me that he was kinda popular,
but in what sense I didn’t ask anymore.”


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