Monday, March 05, 2007


Last year,
on their way back down to Manila at 4am
after our legendary first MANOS adventure,

my drunken best buds HonHon and Elmo
missed the turn going down to Sta. Rosa from Tagaytay,

and ended up at the deadend that is
The Palace in the Sky.

On their way back to the junction,
they swore that they saw, cutting through the heavy fog
directly behind them,

were the headlights of a haunted car
that chased them down the hairpin turns,
seemingly deadset on gaining on them,

until the beams suddenly disappeared
right before the turn to the Sta. Rosa shortcut.

As if on cue,
the first rays of sunrise
broke through the Tagaytay chill,

and my two friends,
both rational-minded MDs,
wondered if they had imagined it all...

I'm sure that they were surely soused,
and most likely imagined that phantom automobile;

that made us all realize that Safety comes First,
and after a long night of partying in the mountains,
the last thing we should do is drive down drunk.

Which is why we found this cozy hotel,
whose name somehow celebrates the relief
felt by Doctors Palugod and Isip
after their encounter with that sinister car:

We stayed here after last Saturday night's party at Manos,
and it turned out to be an excellent decision.

Upon waking up around lunchtime of Sunday,
we found our all-around driver/comedian/executive assistant,
and apparently Bobby Flay fan,

Lino Bocalino already firing up the grill
and smokin' the 3 kilos of LIEMPO
that we were to have with lunch,

along with the spaghetti with pomodoro sauce
that HonHon had painstakingly prepared the day before.

while not located on the ridge overlooking the Taal Volcano,
does have a high deck that affords you a pretty view
of the "lake within a lake".

The hotel also has
a large swimming pool,
a jacuzzi,
and a kiddie pool.

It's got a 24-hour cafe',
cable TV,

and unfortunately,

a Videoke machine in the pavillon;
this is the Philippines, after all.


All the guest rooms are fully airconditioned,
and our whole group below,
slept comfortably into a couple family rooms,
that only cost P3,300 per room/per night.

Very Highly Recommended
(except for that infernal videoke)
for large groups and family gatherings.

NOT for romantic liaisons though;
billet yourself at The Boutique Bed & Breakfast for that ",

Aguinaldo Highway,
(right after the radar)
Barangay Neogayn,
Tagaytay City.

(046) 413-4141


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