Monday, March 05, 2007

Of Barking DOGS and Planting VEGETABLES

This Week in this EFFUSIVELY INANE

1. TITO SOTTO's TV and Radio commercials

>features a lonely wife
chatting with a taxi driver,
and out of the blue and totally out of context,
flirtatiously telling the cabbie how her husband is abroad
and how she's soooo lucky that:

"Mayroon akong tito na matapang na bantay,
talagang maaasahan......"

that definitely sounds as if:

a)she's talking about some kinky benefactor,
who "takes care of business"
while her husband is overseas


b)she's talking about a watchdog,
a canine who "protects her family"
while her husband is overseas

(Rez Cortez may be right after all...
if it barks like a dog, it must be an ASO!!!)

2. PROSPEROUS PICHAY's P33,000,000 AdSpend (so far!)

>this from a Cha-Cha proponent who unabashedly stated
that his main purpose in running for the Senate
is to ABOLISH it.

Really, Congressman, sir...
hiring a demolition crew would have been sooo much cheaper.


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