Sunday, March 11, 2007

No "YO!"

Randy Jackson,
he of the very limited vocabulary
(pitchy, dawg, aight, hot, the bomb, and JOURNEY),

recently added a new word to his critiques,
albeit once again, it's monosyllabic:
"YO!", or The YO! Factor,
meant to describe a hot performance.

A couple of days ago,
I had the chance to watch some Philippine Idols perform:

the winner, Mau;
and finalists Jan and Jeli.

To be more accurate,
I was watching the audience watch The Three Idols perform.

They were entertained,
but not blown away,

and definitely,
no one was jumping out of their seats
a la Paula Abdul.

I was thinking, a la Simon Cowell, that if
YENG from Pinoy Dream Academy,
(another ENDEMOL *deal or no deal* international franchise
a.k.a. The Fame Academy in other countries)
were there to sing "Salamat" & "Hawak Kamay",

I'm sure the audience would have rushed to the stage
and sang along in a giant Karaoke session.

Which brings to mind the question:

given the Pinoy Idols' lackluster reception,
and ABC-5's financial troubles of late,

will there even be a Season 2 of Philippine Idol?

The most logical thing to do would be
to move the "IDOL" franchise to ABS-CBN...

The world's #1 show should be on
the world's #1 pinoy TV network.


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