Saturday, March 10, 2007

ICKY KIKO is #1 : the latest survey from the SWS

Here's a perfect campaign picture for
The Man Who Would Be President

(in 2016?)

Excellent representation of the
Colors of the Philippine Flag!

Mr. Sharon Cuneta is at the pole position
in the Feb.24-27 Senators Survey
of the Social Weather Station:

other observations:

1. cashiered and disgraced Gringo is at #11,
despite campaigning from jail,
a la pedophile Cong. Jalosjos.

2. the 2 Peter Cayetanos
are #4 (orig) and #26 (ersatz) respectively
this is really bad news for the Congressman;
the purported demolition project of First Gentleman Mike Arroyo
seems to be working wonders for the Fisherman from Davao.

3. never underestimate the power of a noontime show:
ASOtto is at #8!!!
(Senator Kris not-Yap and Senator Wowowee Revillame in 2010?)

4. Sonia Roco surprisingly strong at #16.

5. tied at #18-19, are the least deserving,
most repulsive candidates, Richard Gomez and Cesar Montano.
Let's hope they stay that way....

6. GMA's pa-cute boylets'
pa-cute commercials don't seem to be working well:
Miguel Zubiri is #17 and Mike Defensor, #15.

7. Money can't buy everything:
Prosperous Pichay is at #22,
Cash-It Singson is at #25.

8. The non-dancing Aquino, nephew NoyNoy is tied for #9;
Dancing Queen aunt Tessie is at #22.

and finally,
knock on wood...
9. The Original Jukebox King has 1% of the vote!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This survey is different from what I know.

March 17, 2007 at 8:44 PM  

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