Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tomorrow, I Meet My DESTINY...

will be installed tomorrow.

P500 a month to guarantee
my NBA fix on Basketball TV
and daily laughs on Jack TV!!!!

ka ng ina mo!!!!

TheBachelorGirl said...
Seems they're at it again.
What can I say? Skycable is pretty consistent
when it comes to decisions re the bottom line.
That's why as soon as the Skycable exclusivity contract
was up in our area, it was Destiny for me.
It's cheaper too at Php 450 a month

Cindy said...
Dream does not have Jack or Crime/Suspense ,
nor does it have Disney anymore
and charges 890 for only a few channels.

Destiny is available only in limited areas,
and has no Star channels.

this is just a big disaster.

Anonymous said...
skycable stole the starchannels from destiny.
solarchannels are leaving skycable for destiny.

thats what i call poetic justice.

Anonymous said...
destiny cable execs must be down on their proverbial knees
thanking the heavens for the expected deluge
of disgruntled ex-skycable customers.

PING said...
here's your options:

Global destiny cable:

discovery ch. discovery/travel,animal planet,
all international news channel including aljazera
all 6 solar channels

500php starting next year

premium ch. for nxt yr.

Supersports 2
Supersports 1
Indian Ch
Chinese Movie Ch
Japanese Variety Prog

(2k for the box add 150 monthly)

*currently on premium package will move to regular rates next year

**under nego

All destiny cable lines are digital
no crappy reception..

its your choice..or pay more at Sky and be scammed..

Anonymous said...
spanx whats your location?

i live in qc,
and here is the contact number for their QC branch. 937-7385


Main Office
2nd Floor Solid House Building
2285 Pasong Tamo Ext.,
Makati City, Philippines. 1231
Trunkline: (632) 8102828 locals 113,115,132 and 146
Fax: (632) 810-5556 894-5850

cameron said...

I am honestly contemplating switching to Destiny.
I mean, yung rate nila is P450 a month kompara
sa SkyCable na P870 a month tapos kulang kulang pa yung channel.

At eto pa a, babalik raw ang StarTV sa Destiny
ayon sa Wikipedia. Kung ganon nga, LIPAT NA TAYO.

dialMformagic said...
Solar Channels have always been more up-to-date
than other premium channels like Star World
so this is really a let-down.
You said they're already planning on getting Chuck,
Bionic Woman, and The Big Bang Theory?

Those shows are barely a season old!
Star didn't get going with Heroes
until the second season was well underway.

Other cable providers should take the Sky cancellation
as a golden opportunity.
Balls and Velvet are very subpar replacements.

I don't want to know who's straight or gay
and I don't give a rat's ass who wants to be a Hilton.
ETC already saturated the reality TV circuit a
nd JackTV is the only channel watchable for hours on end.

The only upside about this mess
is it gives me more time to hit the books. Ughh..

Skycable ka ng ina mo indeed.

Anonymous said...
Goodnews for skycable subs:

Solar will make etc,etc2nd ave,
C/s available to free tv,
etc&etc2nd ave are i think on test broadcast with rjtv
while c/s will be carried by RPN9

i just cannot confirm if this will be on a 24/7 basis
or primetime slots only,
remain to be seen nxtyr the only channel
among solar who wont be available to free tv
is jacktv and basketball tv

though channel 5 will broadcast live nba games
but i think its not daily compare to btv
and aswell as the solarsports channel
w/c air nfl and other variety sports.
atleast your guys from sky
will still have a glimpse on this solar channels

Anonymous said...
i'm just a teenager addicted to television
and i have to tell you guys that this removal
of the solar channels
is one of the dumbest ideas i have ever heard

i am so addicted in watching basketball tv,
crime and suspense and ESPECIALLY JACK TV
(my faovrite channel of all).
I bearly watch local television(GMA, ABS CBN etc.)
because of these great channels

but my parents wont agree
in switching to other cable companies...........

now where will i watch my favorite shows???

damn this is very disappointing

Anonymous said...
kung sanang papalitan nila ung mga magagandang channels
sana naman palitan nila ng mas maganda

pero ang papangit ng ipapalit eh
lalo na ung sa basketball tv "balls" anu un b*tl*g???

yung "maxxx" naman wanna be, walang papantay sa jack tv!!!!

i'm defenitely switching my cable,

just dont know when and which company..............

Anonymous said...
i suggest we do online petition

greenarcher said...


We have been a loyal subscriber of sky for almost 6 years.

We pay on time since day 1,
we endure their almost yearly increase,

ETO ang isa sa may pakana ng lahat:

Juno L. Henares-Chuidian
Vice President of Programming

Napaka takaw sa pera! Full of greed!

im not used in cursing people but

MAlasin sana kayo sky cable company for 2008

Anonymous said...
bad trip!!!...they need to bring back JACK TV..
bad trip!.....grrrrr........


Anonymous toni said...

Buti nalang Destiny kami! I need my MadTV Jack on JackTV!!!!

And hey Spanx, thanks for the great entries this '07. Loved all of them, especially when you talked food. Glad to have made your blogging acquaintance this '07. :)

On to 2008!

January 2, 2008 at 9:48 PM  
Blogger PauLo said...

promo ba yang papakabit mo sa destiny. my refer promo kasi, at dami na nag approach sakin

January 3, 2008 at 3:42 PM  
Blogger spanx said...

hi toni!

more food posts to come... in between the politics, dvds, world affairs, and anti-skycable rants. hahaha!

hi paulo!

nope, not a promo. just went to their website, found the number for my part of metromanila, and less than 24 hours later, i'm enjoying my Jack TV, Basketball TV, and Discovery Travel & Living!!!

January 3, 2008 at 3:47 PM  
Blogger PauLo said...


sayang naman

sulit kasi ung promo ako e naka subscribe sa ganung option.

buong 2008 ko byad na. hehehe. sayang pre

January 3, 2008 at 8:43 PM  

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