Thursday, November 15, 2007


My condolences to the families & friends
of all the victims of this tragic act of terror.

I mourn for the people who perished,

but I really can't feel any sympathy
for the institution that was attacked.

just a few hours after the explosion,

GMA's lackeys in the Congress' Justice Committee
quashed this year's version of the annual
Presidential Impeachment.

Atty. Ruel Pulido,
who filed the inutile complaint,
most likely will now retire quite happily;

the Philippine Constitution allows only
ONE Impeachment Complaint each year,

and this Atrebido Pulido just gave
GMA an early Christmas gift:

one more sure year in office!

The Opposition must take full blame
for this latest SNAFU;

they dropped the ball once again, allowing
an impotent impeachment complaint to be filed,

all the while knowing that this "Atty. Lozano Strategy"
is exactly what doomed the 2005 and 2006 Impeachments.

Instead of preparing a substantial complaint,
and timing it for filing at the earliest possible time,
they allowed themselves to be surprised once again...

Idiocy begets Idiocy.

Let's just abolish this House of Reprehensibles already.


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