Monday, February 12, 2007

THE POLICE are still Arresting!!!

If not for THE POLICE reunion,
the Grammy Awards this year would have been
a total snoozefest.

Last year,
Sir Paul rocked with Jay-Z AND Linkin Park.
This year,
Lionel Richie sang "HELLO" (haller!?!?!)

Last year,
U2 performed "ONE" fantastic number with Mary J. Blige.
This year,
Michael Jackson-wannabe Justin Timberlake performed TWO lousy songs!!!

Last year,
Madonna stole the show with the animated Gorillaz.
This year,
A catatonic Carrie Underwood karaoke-d an underwhelming Eagles tribute.

as for Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, and Gordon Sumner?

the boys performed ROXANNE,

and all was good with the world!!!


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