Monday, February 12, 2007

Me Love You LONG-TIME!!!

SORRY to all you amorous friends of mine,
you'll have to queue up in Pasig to shag & show your mojo ,
as my beloved City of Manila has BANNED short-time trysts
this V-Day!!!

‘Quickies’ in Manila banned on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will not necessarily be good
for motel owners and their customers.

The Manila city government will implement a no “short time" policy
during Valentine’s Day in all of the city's lodging establishments
in compliance with the Manila and Tourism Establishment Ordinance of 1994.

Manila Deputy Mayor Don Bagatsing
said the three-hour occupancy of hotels and motels
will not be allowed during the day of the hearts
as required by the city ordinance.

“We (city officials) are implementing this measure
in celebration of Valentine’s Day
to prevent the youth and minors from coming into hotels and motels,"
Bagatsing said.

“This will protect young people from falling prey to tempting offers,"
he added. (but what about us older, hornier people? -spanx!)

Even on ordinary days,
Bagatsing said the influx of guests is constantly rising
because of the low rates being offered
by new lodging establishments in the city.

Bagatsing said staying in motels and hotels for less than 12 hours
is a violation of the international standards and regulations
of the ordinance.

Operatives of the Manila Police District (MPD)
will be tasked to monitor the hotels and
motels for the coming Valentine’s Day.
Bagatsing said the police will close establishments
found violating the ordinance.

The Business Promotions and Development Office (BPDO)
will also strictly enforce the no “short time" policy.
It will inspect if owners have authorized permits
to operate their businesses.


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