Thursday, June 30, 2016


It's true. All of it. We're much better off, as a country,
and as a nation, than we were six years ago. In 2010,
we were coming off a dozen years of two administrations
 that rivaled the Marcos era in terms of corruption, but we all
forget so easily. That's alright, I'm certain history will be kinder.

As I will. This presidency was not perfect; as a matter of fact,
it was very imperfect. Luneta, Abaya, Mamapasano: massive
failures all. Heartbreaking. Exasperating. Game Changing. But
 let us remember, there were quite a few tremendous victories too.

 There's no glossing over the fact that PNoy's character flaws:
his brutal decision making processes, his lack of empathy,
his intransigence, his loyalty to his Liberal colleagues,
all contributed to an inevitable decline in popularity.

And that is the unique nature of Philippine politics.
We bring down the old to make way for the new.
 And change is certainly coming. That is good.
President Duterte's success will be ours too.

 But that is not cause to tear down President Aquino.
Nor rain insults on the color yellow. That is not a
 political hue; it's a remembrance of his parents'
ultimate sacrifice for the Philippines. Haters
 will hate, but to them, I say: "F*ck you all".
What have you done for the country lately,
but to act like whiny ugly spoiled brats?

I for one, will always be grateful to the man who never
 wanted the office; a son who was forced to assume
 the mantle, and not because he desired it, but
 because we, once upon a time, demanded
 that he do so. I will be forever grateful~

 maraming salamat, Noynoy Aquino.


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