Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SLASH BROTHER : How I became a Brand Ambassador for RÉMY MARTIN

One fine day, 
early this April,
I received this letter:

Greetings on behalf of our client,
Rémy Martin Cognac

We would like you to be a part of our new global PR campaign 
that celebrates the individual’s multi-talents 
as embodied by its brand ambassador
Jeremy Renner, 
himself an accomplished actor/film producer/musician.

The campaign tagline, 
 One Life/Live Them® 
assumes a grammatical accident,

 it identifies today’s highly-driven individuals
 as not defined by one talent or skill, 
but are multi-faceted and should be
 applauded for their many passions.

Rémy Martin’s One Life/Live Them campaign 
encourages each and every one to explore
 and celebrate all their talents.

 It is a call to live richer, larger lives.
 To expand the horizon and seize 
all the wonderful opportunities that life can offer.  

We believe you embody this brand philosophy and lifestyle 
as an accomplished television host/ food connoisseur/blogger.

Now, tell me~
how could I say
NO to that?

Then they threw us a party.

In the freakin' Jaguar showroom!!!

My KTG Family~

that lovable bunch of hipsters and millennials,
showed up and gave me moral support~

but it was mostly immoral support~

I'm sure they were there just for the free booze!!!

The Slashers:

The Remy Martin
Philippine Ambassadors

Merci, Remy Martin!!!


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