Monday, June 13, 2016


Well, not really.

More like, I'm back from cyber space.

Or at least, another quadrant of the 'net:


For the past five years, since March 2011,
I've been blessed to be part of the core team of,
the social portal of EYP, the electronic version of the Yellow Pages,

those massive doorstoppers that were invaluable during the rotary/analog era.

I was fortunate. I was given the latitude and the freedom to write whatever
I wanted to rant or rave about, from pop culture to politics, from sex to senti shit.

And write I did. Over the course of sixty-odd months, I published over 1,000 posts. 

And for that, I'm forever blessed. There is no greater joy,
no deeper sense of accomplishment for writers, than seeing one's name

on a byline. And I had my byline in hundreds and hundreds of times.

Thanks for the trust, team. Thank you for letting me go off on my tangents,
and never pulling me back. Thank you for providing a channel that sharpened my skills.

I will always be grateful, and I will always consider our time together as a wonderful  privilege. 

And since this is already is sounding like an Academy Award acceptance speech,
allow me to run with it, and personally thank all my friends in, most specially,
to Doji Lopez, who invited me to be part of his hundred services half a decade ago, and
who always was my constant reader. Well, at least I'd like to think so. I certainly hope so!

To all my editors: Edz, who took care of The Daily Spanks for the longest time;
to Billy, who loved to leave comments; the glamorous ladies: Ms. Limon, Ysab, Sam,
Nicola, Jihan, Therese, Chiara; the gentlemen, led by Paolo, Ryan, and Teng, cheers to all! will be fading away soon, but like Juan Ponce Enrile, it will never really die.

(drops the mic)

And so, an era ends, and a another begins.

Five years after I stopped regularly posting on this ten year old blog
you're reading right now, we resume today.  The prodigal son has come home.

Welcome back to MANILA BOY!!!


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