Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's Our Turn to Pray for CORY

She's probably worn down dozens of rosaries
praying for our Philippines and all of us Pinoys,
it's time that we do the same for her...

I felt my eyes mist up as I watched the news this evening,
about President Cory's first chemotherapy treatment;

two of the toughest stalwarts of the Aquino Administration,
Manila Mayor Fred Lim and Congressman Teddyboy Locsin
had a difficult time holding back tears as well,
as they offered their encouragement, prayers, and support
to their former boss.

I guess we all feel like crying
because all of sudden,

we're faced with the stark reality
that we could lose the lady who has been
our country's only true moral compass since 1986,
when she won the battle of her life;


we're confronted by the fact
that our quiet source of strength
this quarter of a century since 1983,
is now facing the battle for her life.

I guess we all feel like crying
because we all realize that

talagang parang Nanay na rin natin si Cory.


Blogger dr_clairebear said...

i learned about this from yahoo news last night, and i couldn't believe it. it's just so unbelievably sad. :(

March 26, 2008 at 1:39 AM  

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