Friday, November 23, 2007


The best restaurant to have
an excellent Thanksgiving Turkey dinner
while mapping out the
Ultimate Pampanga Food Trip!

My Cabalens are notorious for switching our Fs and Ps,
and dropping our Hs;

for instance,
may be sung as:

But what the eck,
we're Capampangans,
and damn froud of it!!!

Meet the horganizers of the
POOD TRIF on Saturday, December 15:

From L to R:
Anton of Our Awesome Planet,
Spanx of Manila Boy,
Ivan of Ivan About Town, &
Ivan of Old Manila Walks!

It was imperative that we had a great dinner
while planning the greatest Pampanga culinary tour ever,

our Turkey Dinner "with the works",
dark and white meat, stuffing with chestnuts,
rich gravy, cranberry jelly, a siding of sweet potato,
and all the buttered raisin bread we could eat:

and since my Tita Mila runs Hizon's,
she generously gave us complimentary desserts,
slices of Hizon's tart-iffic Lemon Pie:

Some of the reasons why DOLPHY loves this place so much,
he got my aunt as one of the ninangs on Vandolph's wedding:

1197 J. Bocobo St.,
Ermita, City of Manila

> to get there:
from U.N. Avenue,
coming from Roxas Blvd. towards Taft Ave.,
turn right on J. Bocobo

for more Hizon's comfort food choices,
check out Liv & Ruy's A TASTE OF (married) LIFE

don't forget to try their Raisin Bread & Ensaymadas!


Blogger Ruy said...

Liv and I are already trying to figure out how to make it to "Turkey Thursdays"...

November 24, 2007 at 11:06 PM  

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