Friday, March 02, 2007

That Distinctive CTU Ringtone from "24"

Perhaps no other TV show in history
has had a particular sound practically
become a character in itself.

(The only thing that comes close,
and it's from a movie,
is that sonorous 5-note sequence
that Spielberg's E.T.s used to communicate with in
Close Encounters of the Third Kind.)

With all the phone calls Jack makes to Chloe and Bill,
not to mention all the sneaky inter-office calls
in the CTU Los Angeles office,

it would be difficult to imagine watching "24"
without that distinct hi-tech chirp.

I spent three hours last night
figuring out how to upload the soundfile
into my new cellphone,

and the whole time,
I was as intense as Jack Bauer
trying to defuse a ticking nuclear device.

I succeeded,
and I just love the sound of my incoming text messages!!!

You too can turn your phone into a CTU communication module,
just download the .wav or mp3 file


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