Sunday, February 18, 2007

SWS Survey : Spanky's Winning (& Whining) Senators!!!

As part of my English Proficiency class yesterday,
I conducted a Mock Poll and Serious Discussion
on this year's Senatorial Elections.

The parameters were simple;
I asked my twelve students, 11 nurses & 1 PT, to:

a) select the 3 candidates they will SURELY VOTE for,
the first three names on their ballots in May;

b) choose the 3 candidates they will NEVER VOTE for,
come hell or high water.

The results were very very interesting,
as it gives a snapshot of the most trusted & most liked
as well as the
most abhorred (and that's putting it kindly) candidates.

WINNERS: excellent positive ratings
1. Chiz Escudero 10 votes
2. Allan Peter Cayetano 7 votes
3. Ping Lacson 5 votes
4. Manny Villar 5 votes
5. Noynoy Aquino 3 votes
6. Kiko Pangilinan 3 votes
7. Lt. Trillanes 2 votes
8. Joker Arroyo 2 votes
9. Gringo Honasan 2 votes
10. John Osmena 1 vote
11. Ralph Recto 1 vote
12. Miguel Zubiri 1 vote

LOSERS: horrible negative ratings
1. Richard Gomez 8 votes
2. Chavit Singson 7 votes
3. Tito Sotto 7 votes
4. Cesar Montano 6 votes
5. Ping Lacson 4 votes
6. Tessie Aquino-Oreta 3 votes
7. Gringo Honasan 3 votes
8. Prospero Pichay 2 votes
9. Sonia Roco 1 vote
10. Mike Defensor 1 vote

GMA's Team Unity garnered a total of
26 Negative &
4 Positive votes;

the Genuine Opposition (GO),
36 Positive &
5 Negative votes.

Actors Richard Gomez apparently should just back out,
ditto for Cesar Montano, due to poor box office chances.

The PMA "mistahs" Gringo Honasan & Ping Lacson,
are the two most polarizing candidates...
you either Love 'em or Hate 'em with equal passion!

And here are the "voter" reasons
for the good vibes, the bad trips,
and those whom they don't care for, either way:

tito sotto: implicated in the foiled drug money smuggling at the NAIA;
lousy TV commercial ("buti na lang may Tito ako...")

mike defensor: puro sipsip kay GMA
cong. pichay : full of hot air
cong. zubiri : good stance on environment
cesar montano : showbiz only; basagulero
gov. magsaysay : unknown
gov. singson : most corrupt
sen. recto : good record in infrastructure, projects
sen. joker : talented legislator
ex-sen. tessie : dancing queen; yuk!
sultan something : unknown
sen. angara : no recall at all

cong. cayetano : brave, capable, educated
cong. chiz : fearless, talented, educated, principled, guaps (!)
cong. noynoy : experience, son of cory/ninoy
sen. kiko : educated, good example of family man
sen. villar : economic guru, hardworking, principled
koko pimentel : unknown
sen. loren : loser, TH, overly ambitious, ex-husband's murder case
sen. nikki : obsolete and forgotten
lt. trillanes : braveheart, dignity, patriot, fought for his principles
sen. osmena : cebuano kasi!
sonia roco : just using her husband's name

ping love : fearless fighter, strong man,
ping hate : corrupt, killer, kuratong baleleng, kidnapper

richard gomez : TH, hotheaded, hambog, no experience

gringo love : brave, intelligent, bigotilyo, EDSA hero
gringo hate : coup plotter, anti-constitution


Anonymous Nick said...

Excellent and interesting poll. Unscientific, but quite revealing in its sentiments as well.

Good job.

February 26, 2007 at 11:58 AM  
Blogger spanx said...

thanks nick!

now i'm curious to see what effect all the politicl advertising has on the next batch of my students.

survey to follow!

February 28, 2007 at 1:40 AM  

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