Friday, February 16, 2007


this is exactly why
i don't really get excited
whenever a new fine dining restaurant opens,

nor do i really look forward to eating out
in italian joints
(except the really cozy ones, that is!).

i'm lucky to have 5-Star quality food
regulary prepared right at home.

was a favorite dish of the first true gourmet
I ever met,
my dear old Dad!

I remember many years ago,
he asked me to find a bottle of Dry Sherry,
just so that he could properly prepare this Italian classic.

I ran around the old Makati Supermarket,
Rustan's and Landmark until I finally found his sherry.

It was sooo worth the hunt,
as the sherry added a distinct continental edge to the dish.

this is a pretty simple recipe:

1st, get some tender veal scallops
(thin slices, hence the name),
as we do from Garcia's Supermarket.

2nd, dredge these in flour,
and our innovation, japanese breadcrumbs.

3rd, brown these in butter or olive oil,
add a little sherry or white wine,

and finally,
serve with capers and lemon slices...

and lots of fluffy white rice,


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