Sunday, November 14, 2010

It was NOT a fight. It was a DISSECTION.

My initial reaction, upon first seeing the fighters
face to face in the middle of the ring? ROCKY IV!!!
Rocky Balboa vs. the gigantic Russian Ivan Drago.

Outweighed by a full 17 pounds,
Outheighted by almost 5 full inches,

no problem; the Sarangani Representative

Outlasted the Tijuana Tornado over a full 12 rounds.

Watching the fight projected on a wide screen
became almost uncomfortable
during the last 3 rounds;

we were all just imploring the idiot referee to stop
the fight to prevent further damage on the courageous,
but severely and completely outclassed Antonio Margarito.

Well, the ref didn't.

The result? ESPN reports that:

"Pacquiao landed 474 of 1,069 punches
for a ridiculous 44-percent connect percentage.

Of those blows, he landed 411 of 713 power shots (58 %)."

"When you watch Pacquiao ply his trade,
you are not only watching the best fighter in the world --

and there is no question about it at this point --
you are watching one of the greatest fighters of all time."

CNN/Sports Illustrated adds:

"Manny Pacquiao is
the most exciting fighter in boxing today,

the fighter of the decade,
the most socially important boxer since Muhammad Ali.

Some are calling him the greatest fighter of the modern era."

We are all Witnesses.


In related news, Floyd Gayweather Jr.
has been spotted in a mine in Chile,
trying to hide from the Pacman.


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