Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Memo to Jack TV: EFF YOU!!!

Don't promote CONAN non-stop
at 11pm on November 9, 2010
if you're just going to shove
that douchebag Jay Leno
down our throats.

Twitter Rage:

@JackTV you disappointed a lot of us.
Was supposed to throw a Conan party today.
Thanks for being a douchebag! Conan pushed back a week.
23 hours ago

What the hell @JackTV? Did all of the 2 Leno fans
hold a gun to your head?
19 hours ago

Great job yet again @JackTV. Where the eff is Conan??
Ugh. You should change your name to FailTV. smh.
19 hours ago

Yay! Haha. I know someone who cut classes
just to watch Conan on @JackTV. Oh man, he was so pissed.
No thanks @JackTV for changing the sched! You suck!
13 hours ago

Made it! Now at home in time for CONAN!!!
Thanks @JackTV!
11 hours ago

RT @JackTV CONAN on Jack TV. Premieres November 16 at 1PM
10 hours ago

Seriously, @JackTV? Go fuck a goat.
- from me and Carlo.
10 hours ago


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