Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TOY STORY 3: Bar None Absolutely No Doubt The BEST MOVIE of the Year!!!

Top 3 Reasons why Toy Story 3
is the Best Movie of 2010:

1. It's a poignant story about letting go, and holding on.

I can sooo relate.

I still have my most beloved of toys,
and the one time, years ago, when my mom
"donated" some of them to charity without my consent,
I had a major meltdown. I still miss those Matchbox cars.

You know how it is with us men and our toys; we never really let go.

Visit any grown-up boy's office,
and you'll surely see some sentimental keepsake
proudly and prominently displayed.

Toy Story 3 captures this yearning for childhood perfectly,
and that's the reason why so many grown men cry. . . discreetly.

Which is exactly why those 3-D spectacles really come in handy:
for surreptitiously hiding our suddenly itchy, red, weepy eyes!

2. It gifts us with closure.

The Toy Story Trilogy is now undeniably
one the Greatest Movie Series in history.

It's as thrilling as the original Indiana Jones,
and as originally character-driven as Star Wars;

welcome to the pantheon, Buzz and Woody!

From the grand opening sequence of Toy Story 3
to its simply exquisite, silently eloquent ending,

this is the highest level of storytelling, the true art of cinema.

3. Pixar's traditional short film? Sheer Genius.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have a movie coming out this week
that's almost got an identical title to the "bonus feature"
that's attached to Toy Story 3.

Cruise's is "Knight and Day"; Pixar's, "Day and Night".

I'm betting though, that years from now,
after Tom's action-comedy will have been long-forgotten,

this outstanding blend of classic cell animation and digital wizardry
will still be profoundly influential.

Come early when you watch Toy Story 3;
I guarantee, you've never seen anything like this before...


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