Thursday, June 24, 2010


(I know. I'm such a Nerd, I swear.)

for all 500 MILLION of us!!!

All You Need to Know about our addiction:

for example...
The PHILIPPINES is the #8 country with the most Faceboinkers!

This is the better FACEBOOK "biography";

another one,
"The Accidental Billionaires", is full of "imagined conversations.
In other words, completely unauthorized, and frankly, it sucks,
although it is the novel the upcoming David Fincher (!)
Facebook movie is based on.

The Facebook Effect is the much better read;

Mark Zuckerberg and apparently,
all his Facebook contacts cooperated fully with the author,

and readers get a real insight on how this website that is
changing the world, essentially
started as a geek's way to rate Hot Chicks in Harvard.

Yup, that's exactly what it was!!!

BOURDAIN serves up a sizzling dish of

The most unique, most radical Foodie of All returns
with an addicting, appetizing new non-fiction book!!!

I'm beginning to hate Tony.

Not hate as in hating Nazis or GMA,
but hate because he just writes so damn well,
and although I'd like to think that I'm not so bad myself,
Bourdain is effin' awesome, every other foodie pales in comparison.

The writing is so damn good,
you just know you're going to re-read this book,
just to enjoy the titillating wordplay again and again.

Every aspiring food blogger or damn it, every writer wannabe
should read this latest collection of essays,
each one just dripping with
the former chef's trademark snark and take-no-prisoners brutality.

Throughout, Bourdain's thoughts are so strongly opined,
you can almost hear his cigarette-gravelly whiskey-soaked voice
reading every word out aloud.

Enjoying this book's tales is like
eating salty peanuts with an ice cold brew.

You won't be able to stop at just one.

The Black Superman,
BILLY RAY BATES is in this book!!!

"This is the kind of book that makes you proud to be a sportswriter,
for at its best, sportswriting informs, entertains and educates.

I learned, I laughed (I mean, out-loud, splatter-the-page hilarity),
I loved it all. Pacific Rims is nothing but a joy."

-Rick Telander, Senior Sports Columnist,
Chicago Sun-Times

Height or not,
Basketball will always be Beloved in the Philippines,

and conversely,
FOOTBALL may never really
catch on here because of the following:

1. Low Scores/Draws :
no instant gratification like Basketball

2. Not Really a Contact Sport:
not enough blood and fights like Basketball

3. Requires a Large Grassy Playing Field:
can't be played on concrete city streets like Basketball

Finally, I found a book about

After YEARS of searching, I found this new edition
of a collection of essays that was last published in 1993 (!).

The only one previously available, and now also years out of print,
was "The Aquinos of Tarlac" by Nick Joaquin.

Unbelievable, really, that a National Hero,
husband and father to two Philippine Presidents,
has only one slim volume of essays about him available.

But this one is really really good:

featuring works by Max Soliven, Louie Beltran, Teddy Benigno,
Nick Joaquin, Melinda Quintos De Jesus, Jaime Cardinal Sin,
Cory Aquino, and practically all the key figures pre-EDSA.

Truly worth waiting for.


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