Saturday, July 05, 2008

CARAMOAN, part three : Things To Do in PANIMAN When You're Stranded

Paniman Beach,
like Caticlan to Boracay,

is the take-off point to the beaches and islands
of Gota, Hunongan, Lahus, and Matukad.

But unlike Caticlan,
Paniman is a destination by itself:

the dramatic limestone rock formations start here,
and the beach, although brown, is of very very fine sand.

Paniman Beach even has its own "Willy's Rock",

and its very first Banana Boat!!!

Perhaps the most affordable chillspot ever...

and despite Storm Signal #3,
we maximized our massive P10.00 investment!!!

We arrived in CamSur just as Typhoon Frank
started lashing the region, and it was like
facing a massive wall of disappointment;

the waves were just too high for island-hopping,
and we were effectively stranded.

Paniman Beach offered unlimited opportunities
for other recreational and leisure activities:

1. Rock Climbing

2. Hide & Seek

3. Team Building: "Kum Ba Yah"!!!

4. Hibernating

And below the cliffs,
a picturesque lagoon of brackish (salt-fresh) water,

where we helped the friendly fisherfolk pull in their nets,
and purchased the catch of the day.

And then,
an element of extreme danger:

The Sea Snake,
one of the most venomous in the world.

Avoid these cold-blooded, paddle-tailed,
yellow-and-black-banded creatures at all cost.

While the sea snakes are by no means edible,
Grilled Liempo most definitely is the perfect beach food!

We were lucky that we were able to rent,
on that stormy day,

what is so far,
the one and only beach hut on Paniman.

There are dozens of beach children running around,
unjaded and uncorrupted by the evils of overdevelopment,

and the genuine smiles of welcome from their sun-browned faces,
as well as those from their equally hospitable fisherman elders,

made me feel like i was once again
among the Ilonggos of Boracay in the late 1980s...

if Boracay today is Paradise Lost,
then Caramoan now is Paradise Found!!

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