Wednesday, July 02, 2008

HAPPINESS IS.... My PEPPER LUNCH Moment, Finally!!!

8 Months after my first and last Pepper Lunch
Shimofuri Steak in Singapore,

6 Months after I found out that Pepper Lunch
was going to open in Rockwell,

1.5 months after Pepper Lunch opened
its first restaurant in the Philippines,

I finally had the opportunity to indulge
once again in the best D-I-Y (do it yourself)
Steak House in the World!!!

I ordered the "CUT STEAK & HAMBURGER" combo,
and a scant 5 minutes after the sizzling dish
of succulent meats was placed on my table,
I had wolfed it all down.

It was truly embarassing.

The servers were flummoxed to see me playing
with my dish afterwards, because... voila!!!


"HAPPINESS IS..." indeed!!!

Hot Tip:

Make your own Pepper Lunch sinangag by mixing the toge (mongo sprouts)
with your rice, and liberally sprinkling it with the provided Garlic Soy sauce.

Cool Fact:

Pepper Lunch must be the only fastfood joint with Throw Pillows!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yippy! the throw pillows were my idea. thanks for coming! we love your Charlie Brown face :)

July 3, 2008 at 9:50 PM  

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