Sunday, June 29, 2008


It was painful to watch;

a cold, objective dissection,
a show of calibrated precision,
almost Germanic in its efficiency.

From the 5th round onwards,
when David Diaz's white shorts
started turning pink because of the blood
from his face streaming down to his torso,

I was praying that either the referee,
the ring doctor, or Diaz's corner,
would call for a ceasefire.

it was Manny Pacquiao who mercifully ended the beating,
in the only way he knew how...

and when the end came,
the final blow was so sudden, so fast,
that the millions watching almost didn't see
the lethal punch that made Diaz fall.

PacMan wanted to prove his critics wrong
after his unconvincing victory over Marquez.

I still believe that fight should have been called a draw,
but after today's show of dominance,
without a shadow of a doubt,

The Best Boxer in the World is a Filipino.

And if plans push through and circumstances allow,
a bloody good fight is in the offing early next year,
a timeless boxing war at par with Leonard vs. Duran,
Hagler vs. Hearns, Ali vs. Frazier, and Balboa vs. Creed:



Anonymous MabeL said...

more like 3rd round!!

that match was boring!
3rd round plng alam ng mananalo c Pacquiao eh..
it was obvious that Diaz couldn't keep up with his speed..
n he keeps missing him almost evry punch..
nkksuntok lng c Diaz eh tuwing mgkadikit..sundot sundot..

i was so disappointed..
i thought it was gonna be an exciting match..hai..

June 30, 2008 at 1:12 AM  

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