Sunday, April 13, 2008


"Bleeding Love" hit #1 in the US a couple of weeks ago,

and that's just the first Bloody Good song,
the tip of the iceberg of this magnificent talent's
absolutely fantastic debut album!!!

I was in Quiapo this afternoon
and (accidentally) chanced upon
an (ahem!) pirated copy of the CD,

and since it only cost an irresistible P20.00,
(sorry Leona,
Philippine record companies were sooo slow releasing your album here;
i was looking for an original copy in MusicOne and O many months ago... )

I just had to buy a copy,

I've been listening to it non-stop since.

Comparisons between
Leona Lewis and Mariah Carey have begun,
and call it synchronicity,
but not only do they have similar 4-octave vocal ranges,

but even their debut album covers look similar to each other,
the songs-- mostly soulful ballads-- are also quite similar.

Remember Mariah before her (almost career-ending) meltdown,
before her repetitive sound-alike "hip hop" songs,
before her irritating descent into
birdlike "trills" and "birit" mannerisms?

Remember the songs in her first CD from 1990,
the self-titled "Mariah Carey"?

i don't wanna cry, there's got to be a way,
vision of love, someday, vanishing,
all in your mind, love takes time...

gorgeous melodies, unforgettable hooks,
every single song a potential #1;
each imbued with the purity and clarity of voice
of a true diva in the making.

And that's exactly what
Leona Lewis' SPIRIT is.

An instant pop classic.

(And don't worry, Edu!
I will definitely buy an original copy of the CD...
tumatalon yung last song dito sa leche na pirated!!!)

if there's any doubt whatsoever
that a certain nasty American Idol judge is a genius,
guess who discovered Leona Lewis by way of the UK version of AI,
mentored her, and subsequently executive produced her album?

No coincidence that after Mariah Carey week
that's next on American Idol,

Leona Lewis will perform for David Cook and Co.
on the April 24 results show.

Speaking of which,
after the shocking exit of Michael (Hutchence) Johns,

here's my fearless forecast of how
the succeeding results shows will go:

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