Thursday, March 27, 2008

The ATENEO Diaspora in the PBA

I firmly believe that the only way the PBA
can rise up once again to its stellar heights
during the Toyota-Crispa era is to have all the
alumni of Ateneo-La Salle bunched into two teams.

The Easter Sunday "Reunion Game" was a tad too friendly & kind;
I'm positive these players have now become teammates and friends,
but I'm also certain that if the games really matter, their former
animosities will surface once again, leading to fierce, hard battles!

Imagine if Joseph Yeo, Macmac Cardona, Mike Cortez,
Renren Ritualo, Carlo Sharma, Don Allado, Mark Telan,
Ryan AraƱa, Junjun Cabatu and Willie Wilson
were all
on one team, slugging it out on a regular basis with
their arch-enemies from Loyola...

That's a distant reality for now,
what with the constant trades and transfers
of the Green Archers and Blue Eagles in the pro ranks,
as evidenced in the updated list below:

Enrico Villanueva

LA Tenorio
Larry Fonacier

Macky Escalona

Talk N Text:
Gec Chia

Air 21:
Doug Kramer
JC Intal

Red Bull:
Rich Alvarez
Paolo Bugia
Magnum Membrere

Wesley Gonzales


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