Thursday, February 14, 2008

SLEUTH: the anti-Tuesdays with Morrie!!!

Michael Caine
as a sophisticated millionaire author

in a battle of wits with

Jude Law
as a brash young playboy

as they fight over the love (or ownership?)
of the author's wife, now the playboy's lover.

Just these two fine actors appear in the whole film,
each commanding your attention from the get go,

in a sleek, bloody good British thriller
directed by, who else?

Kenneth Branagh!

this continues the Michael Caine-Jude Law remake connection;
Jude Law previously played the title role in the ALFIE remake,
which was originally Michael Caine's starmaking role.

in the original SLEUTH,
Michael Caine played the playboy now played by Jude Law;
and the author was played by another great, Laurence Olivier!

(Olivier was considered to be his generation's greatest Shakespearean actor;
this generation's most acclaimed Shakespeare actor/director is..... Branagh!)


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