Monday, January 21, 2008

When Love Turns SOUR...

...sourdough, that is.

San Francisco, California
is renowned for having the best sourdough bread in the world.

No visit to the Fisherman's Wharf
can be considered complete until one savors
clam chowder served in hollowed out loaves
of the Bay Area's beloved bread.

My siblings and I,
thanks to my mom's career with Philippine Airlines,
were lucky enough to spend many summers in SFO.

And one of our favorite midnight snacks
was the one invented on Santiago St. corner 46th Avenue,
by one of my coolest relatives, Tita Remy.

It's simple, but truly scrumptious:

Slice up some sourdough,
generously slather them with full cream butter,
and sprinkle enthusiastically with parmesan cheese.

Pop in the oven toaster for 3-5 minutes until golden;

the parmigiano forms a delectable crust,
and as you bite into the toast,
the butter, which has seeped down through the bread,
fairly explodes with rich creamy flavor in your mouth.

Perfect with a tall glass of ice-cold Vitamin D milk!!!

I'm pleased to say that the sourdough bread
available at the Lartizan Bakery in Mickey's Deli
comes very very close to the taste and texture
of the original San Francisco Sourdough Bread!

Now, I can have my childhood treat anytime
without worrying about cruel consuls and U.S. Visas!


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