Wednesday, May 09, 2007

baBANATan ko itong hunghang na ito.....

This is just so wrong on so many levels.

I saw this print ad in the Philippine Star this morning,
and it just about ruined my day...
nay, my fooking month of May!!!

Is this a real advert for a real party list nominee,
or is Vicky Belo playing a practical joke on her diet pill-shilling rival?

Either way,

stands for what, exactly?

A party list for fans of cosmetic surgery?
(note: for those pretending to be poor in Pilipino,
"banat" is translated as "to stretch out";
yes, as in stretch out that face like Kenny Rogers' facelifts)

and WTF,
does the picture indicate that this Dr. Joel Mendez
hopes to attend sessions in Congress costumed as the BATMAN?
(sabagay, JDV would make a pretty good PENGUIN!)

or is it because if you add the letter "M",
and slightly rearrange the other letters,
you come up with "BATMAN"?!?!?!

Like I said,
this is sooooo PROFOUNDLY STUPID.

A true mockery of the Party List System.


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