Monday, March 19, 2007

SATUR's Flight of Fancy


Once upon a time....

Somewhere in Leyte
between 1985-1991,
Satur Ocampo supposedly led a murderous purge
of suspected military spies
in the ranks of the NPA.

GMA's military and police,
learning their lessons well from CSI,
conveniently found the mass graves in 2006,
two decades later (!)

and using DNA-testing (!!)
matched samples from the remains
with those of living relatives (!!!),

who then pointed their lively fingers at Satur (!!!!).


and so,
before the break of dawn today,
despite a court order that allowed him to stay in Manila,

Satur was hauled off to the airport by the PNP,
and unceremoniously dumped on a government plane to be flown to Leyte,

his purported scene of the crime,

for what turned out to be a round-trip to nowhere,
as midway through the flight,

the PNP head honchos changed their mind,
most likely due to imminent flak they were about to receive
due to the heavy media coverage.

Upon landing back in Manila,
Satur was greeted by the news
that the latest survey of Pulse Asia:

it ranked BAYAN MUNA as the #1 Party List group
in the May elections,

thereby all but ensuring that
Mr. Ocampo will retain his seat in Congress.

... and they all lived happily ever after.



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